When most people think about communication, it’s about the words and phrases that are spoken in a conversation. However, another important part of communication is the role of body language and gut feelings. In fact, over 80% of what you say to others is through facial expressions alone. Amazingly, these unconscious parts of communication are the most powerful.

Your gut feeling or intuition tells you when something doesn’t match between what a person says and how they make you feel. This could be interpreted from the tone of voice, how a person is standing or sitting, or if the words don’t match the mood of the conversation. If your gut feeling tells you something is not right, it is like an alarm sounding off.

This is why you can’t always trust what another person says, but you can trust how you feel. On average, feelings are a stronger gauge for accuracy than words, so it is important to step back and listen to your feelings. This is not only important in conversation, but in any moment when you’re uncertain. Feelings are your inner guides and if you are willing to listen, they can reveal much more than words.

Here are a few more communication tips for “feeling” your way through conversations:

Think about what your body language says. Do you avoid eye contact or look people directly in the eye? What does this say about you?

The ways you communicate speaks volumes. Does what you say and the messages you’re sending out match up?

Try to speak in positives. Even though feelings matter, the words you use can create positive or negative impressions to other people.

You make choices based on your energy and mindset. Remember, if you want to experience more positive feelings, think positively—people will notice.

Above all, listen to your intuition during conversation and see what you can learn.

Author's Bio: 

Cheryl Hitchcock is a Certified Clinical Counsellor and Coach for over 13 years. Cheryl received her credentials for counselling through traditional college education but began Spiritual Coaching as a result of working with Buddhist Monks for years. She received her Coaching certificate through online studies and then incorporated all these areas into her private practice.

With an acute understanding of how the brain, mind and body connect, Cheryl is in a unique position to help people with many diverse issues. "All people have infinite capabilities when it comes to creating their ideal lives". Cheryl has shown her clients that they are capable of great change, and change that is sustainable.

Because Cheryl is dedicated to helping people enhance their magnificence, and reduce stress and overcome problems, she offers her services at her client’s homes, offices and in the community. Cheryl also offers her services in the evenings, and some weekends to better fit her client's needs. Not only does she offer diverse hours and locations, Cheryl also offers online and telephone counselling.

Being an Agent of Change, Cheryl truly understands and recognizes the equality of all people and works in a supportive and non-judgemental way that truly connects with her clients. With all of the wonderful things that Cheryl is able to manifest in her life, she feels grateful to be able to help others and share her knowledge, strategies and insights with others in a unique and positive way.

Cheryl is also a renowned public speaker and author. Her newest book is entitled, "Just Give Your Head a Shake...and Change Your Life for the Better". It is currently available through amazon.com.