Success is on everyone's mind whether he is rich or poor, highly educated or uneducated, civilized or uncivilized, living in big commercial cities or in remote areas. More than 6 million people go to google search every month to find the success related information.

What is Success?

To me, success is a way of life. It's in your mind, body and soul. Success is your second skin. If you wear success (decent clothes), eat success (healthy food), think success (positive thoughts), talk success (productive conversation), dream success (goal setting), smell success (the perfume of your hard work) and feel success (in whatever you do) then, I am sure, YOU DESERVE SUCCESS. Success is not something that you are running after. Let the spirit of success chase you everywhere, day and night.

Success is often misunderstood and defined as something that is related to money or accumulation of wealth. It is true that money gives you the luxuries of life but not the joy and happiness of a successful living. Success is much more than money. It's the ocean of your personality where dozens of colorful boats and yachts of happiness sail and shine in the bright sunlight.

In order to live a happy and more fulfilling life, you need success to surround you in every sphere of your life such as:

Success in business or at job
Success in handling financial matters
Success in dealing with people
Success in relationships
Success in raising children
Success in keeping good health
Success in losing weight
Success in crafting your personality
Success in learning technical or other skills
Success in overcoming personal problems
Success in over overcoming grief etc.

I now want to tell you a very simple but most powerful formula of success. This success formula is so simple that it consists of only two questions. Every morning, ask yourself: “How I am going to spend this day!” And every night before going to bed ask yourself: “How did I spend the day!” That's all!

Every morning, before going to your work place, ask yourself: “How I am going to spend this day?” What a wonderful question! You are going to tell yourself that you have some agenda to work on. You have targets to achieve, dreams to fulfill and goals to reach. You have no time to waste because you are on the road to success and no one should stop you in the middle of the road.

Every night, before going to bed, ask yourself: “How did I spend the day!” This question will enable you to critically analyze your whole day's activities. If you had wasted your time in unproductive activities then you will feel sorry for that and will surely make a strong pledge with yourself that you will no more waste your time. The next morning you will plan your day in a different way, keeping in view your own (success) priorities. You will feel more confident and more energetic to work on big projects. Your output will increase manyfolds and so your chances of success.

Work on this formula for a few days and forget about success because success will automatically follow you. Smile and be happy. Good luck to you.

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