It’s sad to know that there are now several divorces happening all over the world and the most common reasons are infidelity. This happens when the other party is no longer happy with the marriage and would run towards another party in order to fill in his needs. And due to the increasing number of infidelity cases worldwide, it’s very important that you make yourself aware of the most common signs that your partner is having an affair with someone else.

No Time at Home

If you feel that your spouse no longer spends enough time with you and your kids at home, then this could be a warning sign of infidelity. There are times wherein he would excuse himself during family gatherings due to some important meetings or other unplanned events at work. If you feel like she does this a lot of times, then you should be mindful of her actions to find out if she is hiding something from you.
Lack of Physical Intimacy

One of the most obvious reasons that your partner could be having an affair with someone else is the lack of physical intimacy between you. She would come up with reasons like she’s tired or she’s stressed out at work every time you initiate doing romantic things with her. Be more romantic when you are already in bed, but if she still would forego making love with you, then you better consider ending the relationship because she might be having an affair with someone else.

Not Interested on Couple Gatherings

If you feel that your partner is no longer that interested in joining you on couple outings and other events, then this could be a sign of infidelity. Wives who are having an affair with someone else would tend to spend more time with the other party than to be with their husbands. So if your spouse does that to you more often, then you better ask her frankly if she is no longer interested on you.

Has a Guy Best friend

Illicit relationship starts with being close to one another, which would then lead to falling in love despite being married to another person. So if you feel that your wife is having a guy friend that is so close to her at her workplace, then you must be mindful of their actions. Their closeness can lead to something else, and could be a reason for the destruction of your marriage.


One of the warning signs of infidelity is that your spouse tends to be very secretive in you. This would involve keeping away her cell phone or laptop for fear that you will catch her having an affair with someone else. If she’s doing that, try to ask her nicely why she would keep those things away from you.

Bear in mind that these things are just signs that your partner might be involved with someone else. It’s not right to jump into conclusions, so you must make sure that your partner is really having an illicit relationship before you decide to confront her. You better talk to her in a nice way and ask her appropriately if she is no longer interested in you and if he wants your marriage to end.

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