The Most Promising Seafood Companies to Watch in 2020

A New World Wide Web With each passing day, the information technology and biotech revolutions are disrupting the global seafood industry like never before. From land-based fish farming to deep-sea fishing, the upwelling tech-enabled innovations within this industry are unlocking infinite growth opportunities for today and tomorrow.

The rise of ‘SeaTech’ is effectively acknowledging the supply chain transparency, manufacturing functionalities, hassle-free fishing outcomes, climate change adaptation, aquaculture, etc.

No need to squint as the day is not far when the world will witness the wildfire of an Internet of Fish. An internet backed by cameras, bots, sensors that will have the potential to reveal the underwater dynamics and on-going ripples just within a few clicks. The seafood industry is on its way to catch the wave of novel Apps notifying detailed insights into the changing ocean conditions and subaquatic happenings.

It’s the curated knacks of the professionals that are outlining this Internet of Fish intending to bring in noteworthy benefits to the table. Gone are the days when devising technology for the underwater operation wasn’t a priority. Today, the AI, IoT, AR/VR, etc. is breaking all, the traditional barriers and welcoming more productive and lower-waste fishing thereby, laying the foundation of a ‘Real-time Fisheries Management’ framework.
Powered by these game-changing technologies this Internet of Fish will surely create a podium of cut-throat competition. As such, for the seafood solution providers, combination and collaboration will surely become the need of the hour. They need to fasten their seatbelts and be at the helm of ‘Change’.

Recognizing such professionals that are revolutionizing the Seafood Industry and keeping innovation on their radar by staying up-to-speed with the developments, we have come up with this special edition of "The Most Promising Seafood Companies to Watch in 2020". This issue has featured a handful of companies offering a diverse and engaging mix of commitment and distinctiveness. It will help you to walk through a list of experts embracing a multi-disciplinary approach and covering a range of relevant issues in its sector.

On the Cover of the issue is Empire Foods, a division of Empire Industries Ltd that is an undisputed leader in the distribution of seafood and meat distribution in India. It stands amongst the largest Exporter of Shrimps to USA, European Union, Middle East, and China.
Apart from such an insightful cover story, we have also enlisted, Charcoal Eats – a tech-enabled, Indian Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) venture that delivers high quality, modern Indian flavors to its patrons; Hunger Must Die a ‘delivery only’ kitchen is making a difference with its extremely customer-oriented services and lip-smacking food; and Jeelani Marine Products (JMP) - one of the leading suppliers of sea-caught and aquaculture material in India.

While flipping the pages, take note not to miss out exclusive Interview with team Megaa Moda Pvt. Ltd. (MMPL). This edition also showcases an article The Indian Food Technology Scenario by Kumar Kushang – Co-founder and CEO at Adurcup Private Limited.

Turning some more pages will help you find articles Food Trucks – The Next-gen Lip-smacking Street Food Culture and Seafood Nutritional Content and Health Benefits – An Overview from the Editor’s desk. These articles will help you understand the current market scenario of this industry. Looking at the emerging opportunities and the growing possibilities, this issue of ours will introduce you to a whole new world of novelty.
So enjoy the exciting read!

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