Go to any of the remaining bookstores and you will still see a huge number of titles involving the subject of diet. Each one proclaims to be the best. Or the most original. Or the fastest. Same case with exercise. Do this for 12 minutes and you too can look like Arnold. Or you can try to the 11 minute book.

Truth be told, diet and exercise can be boiled down to very simple steps which if done consistently, will produce consistent and desired results. They are not exotic or sexy. They will take longer than 11 minutes but with enough patience and consistently (that is the key word here), they will work for anyone.


Virtually all diets that have worked for generations, excluding the extreme fads of course, have at their roots, these basic principles:

- Eat more vegetables, particularly the dark green, leafy ones.
- Include healthy proteins. Add more if you wish to lose fat.
- Consume foods high in Omega 3's. Foods include cold-water, deep-water fish, flaxseed, almonds, cashews and avocado. Omega 3's are the building blocks of fat and serve as a strong anti-inflammatory substance. Inflammation is now being viewed as the source of disease(s) and aging in general.
- Reduce sugar consumption. On the flip side, sugar is considered the prime source of inflammation and contributor to the obesity epidemic.

In terms of food and exercise, the equation is just as simple:

- If you exercise more, eat more. If you exercise less, eat less. Food will serve as the fuel which allows great output. The more muscle you build, the more calories consumed at rest. This at least partially answers the question of why you need to exericse.

Toss in the notion of drinking more water and there you have it. As mentioned, it is not dramatic or found in the Amazon or high mountains of Tibet.

It is just proven, safe and effective.

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