They say that the first year of marriage is one of the most difficult phases in your marriage life, for this is the time that both couples would start to realize the reality of being married. Newlywed couples will then be confronted with their differences, and sometimes, it would be difficult for them to adjust. Here are some of the best advices on how to face the most common issues in your first year of marriage.

Know Your Roles and Responsibilities

Before you decide to marry your partner, make sure that you are already aware about the roles and responsibilities that you will have to take in your marriage. The problem with most newlyweds is that they are not aware about their responsibilities in marriage, which would unfortunately lead to conflicts between them. In order to solve these issues, you must sit and talk seriously with your partner about the roles that you need to play when you are already married.

Money Matters

Money is a sensitive issue, especially if you talk about the personal finances of each other and this is why some couples would avoid talking about these things before marrying. But talking about money before you even say I do is actually very important so you will know what the financial status of each other is and this would also give you an idea on how you could divide your daily expenditures. Find out how much each of you is earning and from there, come up with a budget plan so you will know how to budget your money.

Dealing with In-laws

Getting married would also mean getting yourself acquainted with the family of your partner, especially your in-laws. But the most common problem that newlyweds face are the parents and in-laws who would meddle on the marriage of their children. In order to resolve these issues, you should both decide to put a limitation between you and your in-laws. If possible, encourage your partner not to live with your parents as this will just worsen the situation.

Recreation Time

On your first year of marriage, there will come a time that you or your partner will miss the moments that you used to do when you are still single. It’s just too difficult to let go of the things that brings joy and comfort to you when you are still single. There’s no problem with spending time with friends or doing things alone, just make sure that you know your limitations and you also set aside some time for your partner.

In marriage, respect is one of the most important traits that you and your partner should learn to practice. Marrying your partner does not necessarily mean that you are no longer free to do the things that you used to enjoy when you are single. To avoid any conflicts, respect each other at all times, and give the time and space that your partner deserves, especially that you are still on the adjustment stage of your marriage.

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