Masai Barefoot Technology represents the cutting edge in integrated conditioning footwear. A fashionable choice for the trend-savvy as well as a fitness tool designed to promote full-body wellness each moment you wear them, The MBT, combined with a regular fitness and training program, can significantly improve your posture and gait.

After several months of MBT integrated activity, you’ll notice a marked improvement in the tone and strength of the muscles in your feet, back, legs, buttocks and stomach. In addition to your body’s subtle but complete physical overhaul, your muscles will actually have “learned” better habits in posture and gait—habits that will remain with you, promoting optimal use of your limbs, joints and muscles and resulting in a fitter, trimmer, overall happier you.

MBT footwear has been shown to reduce cellulite and varicose veins in some trials; relieve muscle and back tension; and promote a significant reduction in full-body muscle tension.

How does MBT work? The shoe’s patented sole construction transforms flat walking surfaces into irregular planes, inspired by the natural discrepancies in the surface of the Earth. This is meant to mimic the natural obstacles trod by our barefoot primate ancestry. Muscles in your feet, legs and back will strengthen and grow under the demands of MBT’s cutting edge sole design.
Increased activity and a loosening of your muscles will also lead to more effective shock absorption in discs and joints, effectively minimizing the possibility of serious sprains or fractures.

Correct posture adds grace and stature to one’s appearance. But great posture is so much more than just a cosmetic advantage. Alignment is vital to maintaining health and strength in musculature, circulation and breathing. It has an appreciable holistic effect on every system in the human body, optimizing efficiency like a fresh oil change. MBT streamlines and activates the body in motion and at rest.
Masai Techology’s sole action can be approximated by balancing a rubber ball about the size of a tennis ball under the sole of the foot. Constant input-response conditions your body to react more efficiently. Initial ground contact gives way to a rolling action, originating at a negative heel position. This stretches your calf muscles, preparing them for the stress of movement. Then, the body straightens tip to toe, finding a center of balance mid-foot and follows through the step. An active, powerful gait will be immediately noticeable to you and those around you.

Masai Barefoot Technology footwear is available in fits and styles to suit any occasion. Knee-high leather boots, waterproof mid-calf or elegant, versatile, chocolate suede, all perfect for the fall season; warm and cozy enough to bring you through winter. Stylish one-strap Mary Janes make a smart companion to the season’s collegiate plaid kilts and jumpers. Buckle up a pair of white clogs and dare to find a more comfortable, stylish shoe.

The Barabera brown lace up in smoke brown recalls a retro style while integrating modern flair. Clean lines, contrast stitching and understated paneling make this shoe a must-have for work, school or a night on the town.
The Bomoa ankle boot in rich, dark-brown leather looks great under jeans. Just imagine, you’ll be treating your muscles to an all-day training program—in denim!

If you prefer a sportier style or simply rely on your footwear to perform under athletic duress, try a pair of more breathable kicks in black mesh. Your workout will never be the same.
For men, a generous variety fit to flatter and condition is readily available. Sneakers, boots, sandals, slip-on designs, lace-ups—options are nearly limitless.

The Kisumu sandal, a model that has enjoyed more popularity with every passing season, will ventilate and cushion your feet while providing all the benefits inherent in MBT’s innovative motion activated technology.

In warm toffee-colored leather, the Tisa boot for men offers weatherproof insulation and stylish panache. Any city-dweller will recognize the chic urban flair radiated by this boot. The Tisa is proof-positive that ergonomically-forward footwear need not be clunky or geriatric looking—a genuine head-turner, you’ll enjoy cutting a dashing figure while simultaneously bringing your musculature to its fullest potential, maybe for the first time in its functional lifetime.

Any one pair of Masai Barefoot Technology’s wellness oriented products is sure to affect real change in your everyday life. Whether you’re walking on a flat plane, a gentle slope or jogging to catch a bus, you’ll be reaping the benefits of direct yet organic activation of muscle groups that define posture and gait. Every step is one towards a fitter, more powerful you.

Author's Bio: 

Tony Travis is a freelance writer who writes about a variety of topics and brands such as MBT Shoes.