In the United States, the average duration of a marriage that ends in divorce is just 8 years. US stand third in this list, recording 4.34 divorce cases per 1,000 people every year. Well! That was just to give you some feel of the magnitude. With advancement and broadening of mentality, divorce stories are really no more ‘a needle in a haystack’. Failure of marriage costs a lot of emotions of the two people who had been engaged in it. Not only this emotional storm, divorces come with complex legal procedures and a great deal of financial aftermath. Some countries have very well organized divorce attorneys like divorce attorney Miami. Some of the facts regarding divorce and divorce attorneys have been listed here.

There is never a true winner in a divorce case. A lot many people file divorce cases and hope to defeat their spouse in the court. Divorces actually come with issues of child custody, division of money, etc and you can never hope to get all you want. There is never a win-win situation; in fact you have to agree to a settlement.

Divorce attorneys provide a legal representation service.

Divorce lawyers do the job of helping in negotiation of things. Divorce lawyer Miami negotiates child custody terms even if they are in practice of only family law. The chief concern of Miami family law attorney is protecting the rights of children who are greatly affected by the separation of their parents.
The major issue, other than child custody, which comes with a divorce case, is the division of property. There is a fun fact about it – even Einstein had to give up his Nobel prize money to his ex-wife as a divorce settlement. Financial issues are well handled by the divorce attorneys who act as your advocate to negotiate things and get a fair decision which is more in your favor. Miami family attorney goes in deeper financial details of their clients in order to arrive at the best settlement for property.
Divorce lawyers have a very similar nature of work as that of a family lawyer. Both of them are operative in the family court, which is usually local. You actually need to have a clear understanding with your divorce lawyer and hence you require being very true to them. Divorce lawyers are allies who keep in mind your best interests all the time. Family law attorney Miami handles the divorce cases the best. There is complete detail of divorce attorneys functional in Miami, Florida on the Internet. You can also find the list of top rated Miami family attorney with their contact details, special offers and specifications, online.

Effects of Divorce on Children

In 1994, Irwin Sandler, Jenn-Yun Tein, and Stephen G. West published Coping, Stress, and the Psychological Symptoms of Children of Divorce: A Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Study. In the study, 258 children of recently divorced families conducted interviews over the course of a 5.5 month period.

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