Every organization irrespective of its size and industry requires using different types of stationery items for efficient administration and correspondence. A good number of office stationery manufacturers are found to offer comprehensive solutions. Doing some research on the web is sure to help you derive your desired items, all under the same roof. This way, you can save efforts, time and money in the process, thereby ensuring quality.

Office supplies and stationery
If you belong to inventory management department, then you should be aware about office stationeries, supplies and accessories. Supplies are a common term that is used for referring both. A clarified approach will be necessary to run your office smoothly. The same goes to managing inventory. Being the department head, you are to know well the definitions. Doing proper researches will ensure making well-informed choices.

About office supplies
Office or business supplies are considered to be products or objects stated to be part and parcel of any workspace. Every employee at the workspace requires better access to different types of supplies. It includes whiteboards, pen holder, envelopes, etc. Often accessories are regarded as office supplies. Document and paper shredder might not be put to use every day. But it is part of office supply category.

About office stationeries
Stationeries are required by every organization, institution and individuals. It includes pencils, pens, highlighters, markers, staplers, clips, pins, etc. They are termed to be items used by everyone for their daily office use. They are also kept on desks meant for frequent use. Quality and demand requirement for such items are always high at offices, schools, colleges and other institutions.

Distributors and wholesalers for both items
Concerning definitions of both the items, there might be some kind of mystery. However, ordering such essentials is not a major issue. The reason is because you can easily come across Online corporate stationery suppliers in India providing quality products at affordable rates. Be it wholesalers, distributors or retailers of office products, the choice is many to choose from. Online portals do offer good discounts, thus helping to save precious money.

Stationery vs. Supplies – Expenses involved
It becomes essential to compare the prices when shopping office products and essentials. Stationeries are found to be much cheaper when compared to supplies. Difference in price is can be clearly understood. However, you can reduce your shopping expenses especially when ordering from a provider who offers one-stop solution for all office products. Bulk purchase of supplies or stationeries will enable you to get huge discounts.

Common misconception to know
While trying to resolve the mystery that surrounds around supplies and stationeries there is another doubt that should be resolved. Is it stationary or stationery? Unfortunately, not many are found to offer the correct answer. ‘Stationery’ is the right spelling to use. Hence, the products that you plan to shop from well-established portals are referred to as ‘stationeries’. Remember, the term ‘stationary’ means non-mobile object.

Tips to place correctly the order
The question is how should you place your order for desired supplies and stationeries the correct way? You may prefer to make bulk order at a portal and get it delivered straight to your office, warehouse or purchase directly from a store. But before doing this, there is a genuine need to first prepare a list of things to purchase. This can help avoid ordering items that are already in stock or spending much more than what budget is allotted for such items.

Identify your precise office needs
You should not purchase just about anything that you come across. Rather, identify what exactly required by your business. Review your specific requirements as well as previous inventory numbers by preparing a comprehensive list. In case employee numbers increase, then do take the same into consideration while ordering stationeries. A well-prepared list can help you to know the budget to set aside to cover both stationeries and supplies.

Identify reputed supplier
It will be necessary to connect a reputed and reliable office supplier having sufficient experience in providing similar items. It allows you to place your bulk orders without worrying about product quality, delivery timing or other aspects.

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