The Myth of Re-Inventing Yourself?
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Have you ever thought about who you would be if you picked up and moved to another city, state or country, and were guaranteed never to run into anyone you previously knew? You could literally re-invent yourself and start from scratch. The new you! Who would you be and how would you be?

“What’s the value in that?” you might be asking yourself. Well, I realize that most everyone reading this has either a spouse or relationship, relatives, children, bills, work, responsibilities, friends, etc. It’d be rather challenging to just pick up and leave. AND, I’m not advocating that. However, what if you were able, and wanted to do that right now. Who would you re-invent yourself to be from the inside out?

Take a moment and write down the five most effective characteristics and qualities you recognize about yourself, that support you in creating amazing and rewarding results in your life. Are you compassionate, trusting, accepting, persistent, patient, intelligent and/or courageous? List at least five.

Now take a moment and write down the five most ineffective characteristics and qualities you recognize about yourself that DO NOT support you in creating amazing and rewarding results in your life. Are you judgmental, feel unworthy or undeserving, distrusting, or self-righteous? List at least five.

In regards to the above ineffective characteristics and qualities, are they true, or merely a belief and a story you made up about yourself you continue to perpetuate? Are you truly who you think you are, or are you a combination of other people’s thoughts, beliefs, habits and judgments that can be re-programmed, re-wired or re-written? Can you choose to write NEW plays? You sure can!

The idea of relocating to escape yourself is a wish some people actually have. In fact, some people actually do it. They change their location, job, and friends in an attempt to change who they are or their results. Sound familiar? Yet even with all the moves and changes, they still keep getting the same results in their life. Ever wonder who the common denominator is in all the moves? Like the saying goes, “Wherever you are, there you’ll be.”

Why doesn’t this change work? It’s simple. You can never move away from yourself. You can change your surroundings; however you’ll always be there. You are the loudest voice shouting at you from the stands. Your ego sends you thousands of subliminal messages every day about who you are, and you choose to believe which messages you hear. That doesn’t mean you’re doomed to carry these beliefs around with you the rest of your life, it simply means invest some time in you and find out what’s real! Learn how to tune out the fans from the stands that don’t support you. Take yourself off autopilot and live consciously. Be in control of the direction of your life.

Let’s go back to the first question I asked. What if you picked up and moved to another city, state or country, and were guaranteed never to run into anyone you knew? Who would you be? Write down at least 10 traits and qualities of the new you and write them as an I AM statement. For example: I AM lovable. I AM healthy. I AM worthy. I AM successful. I AM courageous. I AM abundant. I AM accepting. I AM wealthy. I AM trusting. I AM playful. Now repeat those I AM statements to yourself throughout the day, every day, from this point forward, and notice how your beingness shifts and so do your results!

Here’s to you Embracing Risk, Embracing Success in 2010 -

Tom Haupt

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