Woman are really simple creatures.

I've had enough of hearing how tricky they are and how men will never understand them.
In fact the more Neanderthal the man the better he will understand them.
The more feminine and well adjusted the woman, the easier she is to understand.
Don't comment on hormones and emotions; the varying stages of a woman's fluctuating cycle actually make it easier to understand them.

As simple as biorhythms; a woman's life consists of 3 interlinking cycles dictating her emotions, decisions and life choices.

They are:

The age cycle
The fertility cycle
The role cycle

The three blend together like strands of the DNA effecting every little action and direction life takes, and this is where it gets easy.
I said effecting, not affecting.
Woman, and men, see woman as being affected by their sex hormones, body shape and emotional structure. As soon as you understand that every matter of consequence to do with female behaviour is implemented from their basic structures, woman become simple (as a subject of study).

It starts with the age cycle roughly divided into 4 stages:
Practicing Mating
Raising Children
Each stage represents an important phase of development towards the ultimate goal; successful rearing of children and grand children.

The fertility cycle only kicks in from puberty and initially ties in with the Practicing Mating phase, getting steadily weaker and more dysfunctional through the Raising Children phase eventually expiring to everyone's relief in the Crone Phase.
It can roughly be divided into 4 phases throughout the month:
What seems to interest men most is finding out which phase the woman is in and avoiding the bad ones.

The first two cycles operate consecutively as Temporal and Physiological constructions, whilst the third cycle is Sociological. The Role Cycle is implemented, based on constraints of society and "normal" functioning of groups.
Whilst it is closely liked to the Age Cycle it is based on interaction between people and not the purely physical concept of age.

It has Four phases:
The Kid - Are little boys and girls different in the eyes of society
The Vamp - Can it seduce?
The Partner - One ring and in the darkness bind them
The Matriarch - Wise woman behind the scenes
Each phase is implemented with the entire mass of the related cultures beliefs, values, mores, taboos and laws.
The Cultures are like onion rings, layers within layers; for example: Western > Caucasian > Middle Class > Single Sex School.

Now some of you, mostly women I suspect, will be crying "foul; this is not all woman. What about lesbians, non-conformists, activists, professionals, childless couples, etc".
In fact the non conforming samples are almost certain to be reactions against the model, meaning that the model still applies, but in this case with reverse results. The base model is still the cause, only the results differ.

This model may look complex, but can be navigated easily with a few accurate stereotypes and a flow chart. (Obviously this section is aimed at men)

The first step to truly understanding woman is to memorize the AFR Model and actively identify relevant elements at social functions and interactions.


To be continued................

Author's Bio: 

George has taught, lectured and studied people for years. He's a bit tired of the emo stuff surrounding relationships, where true happiness is often lost in the social and psychological mythology surrounding the perfect partner