The age cycle, like Shakespeare's Seven ages of man speech, is interesting in a sort of detached way.
Far more evident, pervasive and dangerous is the second cycle, The Fertility Cycle.
As a female design feature it links in with survival of the fittest, and the notion of planned obsolescence. But to a man it's a minefield.

Simply put; a reproductively mature woman, over a 28 day cycle; makes eggs, waits for seed, Not getting any, gets rid of eggs, Rests a bit, and them repeats the above.
This happens with monotonous regularity from puberty to menopause.
(Pregnant woman are not really the same species and so don't get treated at all here)

The 28 day cycle is linked to the lunar month and, in primitive cultures, woman are linked to the moon and it's phases, Waxing, Full, Waning, Dark. In reality they are a bit like this and the monthly cycle can be labelled; Contented, Horny, Insecure, Discontented. If a man understands this, life with a woman becomes much easier. Most woman are in deep denial about it though, be warned; never flippantly allude to PMS or imply that their emotions are beyond rational control or are biological impulses. Woman seem to hate the idea and normally project the blame for their mood swings onto the nearest available male. I've marketed a little kit with designer labels woman can wear with their favourite outfits to warn males of the phase they are in, but it doesn't seem to be catching on.

The Fertility Cycle is a road map to the average woman's month.

Woman become much simpler when you understand it. We have to go into some of the icky biology of it, but some things that men assume, are simply not true. So the following outline is important.

During their period most woman are contented. I think that managing things distracts them from terrorising men and they behave in a predictable stable manner. Even if they experience cramps or discomfort, they tend to accept it and not grumble or moan.
Prior to ovulation woman get horny. This manifests in wanting to get close to men in a good way. They are fun an flirtatious and caring. That's why these phases are above the line; they are positive.
After ovulation woman often get clingy and a bit insecure. They need reassurance and their most common words are "where are you going?"
This deteriorates into premenstrual blues and combines with irascibility, homicidal tendencies, depression and malevolence, often all simultaneously. Some cultures bar woman from male society at this time. This is a good idea.
Now that you know how it works, the real question is how is it to be managed?


The first trick is knowing where the woman is cycle wise.
A direct question is dangerous.
Using humour can help.
"Are you pms?" or "You are looking good, you must be ovulating" , said with a smile may get a truthful response, but make sure she is not between you and the door or holding throwable objects.

Otherwise it's best to just guess and look for evidence of the phase and then mark it in your diary for future reference.
The behaviour you exhibit during the phases will define your relationship with the woman.

Managing the phases
In Phase one treat her like a man. Rationally and sensibly. You can even discuss cars and sport.
In Phase two, seduce her woo her and chase her. This is not the flowers and chocolate phase, This is lust. You just have to stick around and fight off opposition.
In Phase three, reassure her, gift her and text her. This is the flowers and notes phase.
In Phase four avoid her. Plan business trips, preferably to far away places without cellular reception.

This then is the fertility cycle. Add it to the age cycle and the picture grows. Add in the role cycle and you become adept at managing woman.


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George Forder is a writer, trainer and event co-ordinator from South Africa.
He blogs, writes fiction, trail runs, canoes and hikes and always has a rock song in his head.
He writes straight up and loves other comments and viewpoints.