Pure spirituality is untouched by history and geographical location of people. Thus it is available to all humans irrespective of belief systems generated in history. The universality of pure spirituality beyond space and time is highlighted by many paranormal phenomena. Historicity is time-based and time-bound while true spirituality is eternal, uninfluenced by man and his mental conditioning. Thus, it is something to be discovered through inner awareness and wonderment - not to be found through conformity to history-based systems. Conformity is a form of slavery and how can any goodness come from it?

There is an adage: Man must search for what is true; then happiness would follow of its own accord. In fact, not only happiness, but many other healthy things too would follow suit.

Most human beings remain oblivious of the above fact. As a result, they fall prey to belief systems that promise satisfaction and security. That is where the ego gets in unobtrusively and takes charge. “Mine is the only way” kind of assertion follows, as night follows day. Amidst all this human confusion, some people keep clear in mind that true harmony cannot be found that way. They are also aware that the ego-based approaches will inevitably lead to antagonism and conflict. So they understand that only the search for what is true can take them beyond the known. In such cases, their native intelligence is at work and they keep clear of the herd mentality. Thus, they open themselves to the breeze of Natural Spirituality that is untouched by the ego-based habitual neurology of mankind.

It is known that religion usually implies adhering to a certain dogma and the associated belief system. As a result, there would be emotional attachment to that system, leading inevitably to fanaticism. This makes the adherents blind to the Natural Spirituality that can emanate from their inner being. Such spirituality places little importance on beliefs and ego-satisfying conclusions, but is concerned with discovering and diffusing into the Divine consciousness. Thus, it frees one from the herd mentality.

The Natural Spirituality
What is naturally spiritual has to be, obviously, beyond time and space. Thus, it cannot depend on an event in history or on a pattern governed by that event. If an event in time bears heavily on spirituality, then there would be the elementary question, “Was spirituality different before that event?” In that case, what access did the people (who came and went before that event) have to spirituality? Did they have to wait for thousands of years (in some discarnate world) for this event to take place in history? Obviously, these questions expose the basic inadequacy of all history-based approaches and event-based or personality-based spirituality.

Natural spirituality arises from simple self-awareness – an inwardly directed attention that makes one understand non-verbally how the mind falls prey to habitual neurology. Thus, it can be timelessly true - not dependent on any event in history or on any particular savior from a specific location on earth. It can take place in the villager, in the urban educated, in the Pigmies of Congo, in Japan or anywhere on earth. That means it is universal in space. The ancient spiritual masters of mankind did not depend on any scriptures or on a divine personality for liberating their minds towards merging with the Divine Consciousness. They emphasized the adage stated in the third paragraph above. Unfortunately, their statements have been interpreted by the conventional minds to form religious systems and become a slave to them in order to satisfy their ego demands.

Self-awareness is a fundamental virtue and all good things follow from it. It is not influenced by any group psychology. The eagerness to understand what lies beyond the apparent becomes a necessary concomitant to self-awareness. Such eagerness is a movement in humility. In contrast, the people conditioned by belief systems would profess to know everything - there would be no wonderment and the associated discovery. They would be satisfied with some ready verbal answer from their theology. This is an example of their herd mentality. It is to be noted here that group psychology is no different from mob psychology in the sense that they are both driven by herd psychology; those two differ only in the level of explicit violence.

Self-awareness brings in self-understanding that is non-verbal. It does not fall prey to the tyranny of accumulated verbal knowledge. Being free of social and other conditioning, pure compassion flows from that kind of mindset towards all beings. There would be no division of humanity as ‘the blessed’ and ‘the cursed’ which the sectarian religions are wont to emphasize. In addition, one would respect all living creatures and avoid killing them for food, sports etc.

The Paranormal Phenomena
Some paranormal phenomena take people into a higher dimension of consciousness and expose them to Natural Spirituality. Two such phenomena are the Out-of-body Experience (OBE) and the Near Death Experience (NDE). Those who go through them expose us to what lies beyond the conventional mind’s knowledge. That can give us a push towards exploring Natural Spirituality. Many people who go through the NDE clearly state that the true spirituality lies beyond the boundaries of religion and theology.
In his book, ‘Leaving the Body’, Scott Rogo published the narrative from a person who went through an exhilarating out-of-body experience. It is as follows:

“It was on a night in October about 11 PM. I suddenly found myself out of the body floating over a highland moor, in a body as light as or lighter than air. There was a wood at the side of the moor, the clouds were drifting past the moon and a cool fresh wind was flowing. I found that I didn’t mind the wind as I should have done had I been in my physical body, because I was at one with it. The life in the wind and the clouds and the trees was within me also, flowing into me and through me, and I offered no resistance to it. I was filled with glorious life. All the time, in the margin of my consciousness, I knew where my earthly body was, and that I could return to it instantly if danger threatened. The experience may have lasted for a few minutes or a few seconds, I cannot tell - for I was outside time. I came back greatly invigorated and refreshed, and very much alive. I remember thinking that if this is what the so called dead experience, how much more alive they are than we are here!”

The above narration brings forth the existence of dimensions beyond the known. It is also quite educative to those who wish to step out of the conventionally ‘conditioned’ mind so that their own lives get richer beyond the rigmarole of self-centered religious and other activities.

You can go through the web page http://spirituality.yolasite.com/consciousness to get a glimpse of Universal Consciousness presented by Kurt Friedrichs after his glorious experience at a North Sea coastal ambience.

It is good to understand why the conventional religious practices cannot take us beyond the known, into the Otherness. The following statements spell out the differences between religion and spirituality (presented by Sofo Archon in (www.)theearthchild.co.za)

Religion gives you a dogma – Spirituality allows you to discover the truth
Religion teaches you to obey – Spirituality helps you follow your inner voice
Religion makes you afraid – Spirituality makes you courageous
Religion turns you into a slave – Spirituality sets you free
Religion separates people – Spirituality unites them

We can also add:

Religion encloses you in smug satisfaction – Spirituality makes you expansive

Perhaps it is good to practice the conventional religion for a while but then leave it behind to explore the higher dimensions of life and death. Remaining stuck with something is what creates the corruption in one’s neurology – like the pool water disconnected from the dancing waters of the river.

Please visit the website http://spirituality.yolasite.com

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Gopalakrishnan T. Chandrasekaran was born in Madras (now Chennai), India. He received his doctoral degree in Coastal Engineering from the North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA in 1978; served on the research and teaching faculty of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India, the North Carolina State University and the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Kuwait.