Navy Seal WorkoutThe Navy SEALs are known for being some of the most physically fit men in the world and that is because of their constant dedication to being fit and in motion because lives depend on it. Being a Navy SEAL is all about utilizing the every aspect of the body to do their job and when that is a requirement they must be ready, willing and able to swim through rough seas, crawl across sandy dunes and jump out of planes at 15,000 feet in the air landing without a problem. So how do they get to that point where their bodies are honed machines that can and will do practically anything in the line of duty? Well, we’ve put together some of the Navy SEAL workout secrets that allow them be intensely physically fit and that will allow regular men like you to get that same kind of body too.

Always Incorporate a Wide Variety of Fitness Routines.

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One of the main reasons men in the Navy SEALs are so fit is because they work every part of their bodies to perfection with various fitness routines. Instead of just running 5 miles a day to get fit or swimming 100 laps in the pool as your main source of fitness, put them both together with several other types of workouts and alternated between them. Have a wide selection of workouts that you work through each week will allow you to work every part of your body and give some of the more weaker muscles in your body the chance to strengthen along with the muscles you use more often.

Set Your Fitness Goal and Keep Your Eye on the Prize.

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Another Navy SEAL workout secret is that the goal is the ultimate prize no matter what. Too often people lose sight of their fitness goals and leave them by the wayside, but as Navy SEALs oftentimes their fitness goals are about life and death and though it may seem funny to relate to those kinds of goals, you should treat your fitness goals the same. The simple truth is your long healthy life is the prize and your fitness is the goal; keep that in your mind and you will be able to get to your body in tip top shape in no time at all.

Always Demand More from Your Body.

navy seals training

In a dangerous situation Navy SEALs need to be able to keep on going no matter what; their bodies need to be able to pass what should be their limits and keep on moving, running, fighting, living and saving lives. They require their bodies to do anything and everything and them some more because they have to; that same principle can be applied to your workouts, to always keep pressing on and to always demand more from your body than it was able to do the day before. Keep your fitness workout in a constant state of progression incorporating just a little bit more situps, pulls ups, laps, etc with each new workout.

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