We don't fix what's not broken. However, we need to check on something every now and then to know if something can potentially go wrong so we can prevent it from happening. The same goes with our teeth. We don't have to wait for a tormenting toothache to happen or for a tooth to become too damaged beyond repair if there are ways to prevent it from taking place.

This is why it's very important that we visit our dentist regularly for a checkup. Having good oral hygiene is not only about preserving our teeth or saving it from damage; it is also about having the confidence to smile anytime without the fear of getting embarrassed due to certain dental imperfections.

What really is the importance of giving your dentist a regular visit for a checkup? Here are just some of the reasons why:

Oral care advice - The internet may have a wealth of knowledge in terms of oral care, but since we have our own unique teeth conditions, we may not necessarily know what's best for us. The dentist will have the professional ability to give oral care advice that's specific to the current condition of our oral health. He may offer advice on how to use dental floss, how to clean a dental bridge, or the kind of food and beverages we should consume and avoid. If you have a fear of dentists, you don't have to worry about giving him a visit because even if he finds out there's something wrong with some of your teeth, you don't necessarily have to undergo a treatment or procedure right away. Besides, with the advances in today's technology, most, if not all, dental procedures now are painless.

Preventive treatment - If you haven't visited your dentist since that first checkup as a child, chances are you already have quite a few issues with your teeth and gums that need to be immediately dealt with. However, if you've been very caring for your teeth by brushing regularly and eating a teeth-friendly diet, you may not have serious dental issues or dental diseases. Still, you have to prevent them from affecting you, and the only capable professional who can administer preventive treatment such as scaling and topical fluoride is a dentist.

Early diagnosis and treatment of teeth or gum-related diseases - Sometimes, there are no noticeable symptoms for certain oral diseases. Only someone with a trained eye can spot something on your teeth or gums in terms of the initial stages of various dental diseases. Your dentist is the professional that's trained to spot signs of an impending oral disease, so he can diagnose it at its early stage and administer the appropriate treatment.

Complete oral care - To maintain excellent oral health, a thorough dental checkup should be done. Part of your regular checkup would be to assess the overall hygiene of your teeth and gums and determine whether the methods and equipment you use at home to care for your teeth are appropriate or otherwise. The checkup may also involve dental cleaning, which is a procedure done to remove tough stains or plaque buildup.

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If you've been postponing that dental visit for years, make that decision now to have your teeth checked up before it's too late. An ounce of preventive dental care is certainly better than a pound (or ton) of costly cure. Visit your dentist now and give your teeth the care it deserves. If you live in Brisbane suburbs like Coorparoo or Camp Hill, you can easily find a dentist in Coorparoo or a Camp Hill dentist by logging on to Brisbane Smile Centre.