The pharmaceutical industry, decidedly among the most significant and most essential industries in the world, has always struggled with high costs of operations and doing business. Suffice it to say that companies have looked long and hard for solutions to help them tend to not only this challenge but also the several others they have to contend with regularly. And thanks to the rapid advances technology has made over the past few decades; there is not one or two but a whole new world of solutions that can assist this industry. But there is one technology in particular that has shown immense potential in the context of the pharma industry: Artificial intelligence and machine learning.

A McKinsey report concluded that big data and machine learning in the Pharmaceutical sector could result in a value of up to $100 billion per annum. It is because of the world of benefits it stands to deliver for the industry. Just off the top of our head, automated machine learning enables substantially better decisions via the provision of high-quality insights. It is a known fact that it is known to contribute to the amelioration of clinical trials and research as well as their efficiency. It is clear to see that automated machine learning has plenty of benefits to offer to the Pharma industry. But let’s discuss some of them in detail to demonstrate just how vital it is to this sector.

  1. Diagnosis: One of the leading contributions of machine learning to not only the medical industry but the world in general, has been the assistance with better diagnoses. While still in its relatively nascent stages, the potential thus demonstrated has been enough to send industry titans rushing to integrate it in their strategies as they race to develop novel diagnostics, treatment plans, and so much more.
  2. Discovery of drugs: Studies have confidently demonstrated that the scope to leverage machine learning in early-stage drug discovery is immense. Besides enabling the emergence of technologies like next-gen sequencing for R&D, it has also delivered a significant boost for precision medicine wherein multi-factor ailments, as well as alternative treatments, are identified.
  3. Better patient care: Top-notch patient care is a crucial goal for any company as it is one of the many ways to achieve that is via a high-precision treatment that is effective for individual patients. For such personalized medicine, patients’ medical history, diagnostic tests, symptoms, and more are all factored in to deliver a treatment plan with the potential to be highly effective for the individual it is aimed at. Experts believe that the industry will also see the increased use of biosensors and devices, mobile apps, and more in the endeavor to provide personalized and effective treatment.

As artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and other such technologies become an increasingly integral part of the industry, you will need help from pharmaceutical software solutions to glean all their many benefits truly. As long as you have a trusted partner to deliver robust solutions, success is guaranteed.

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Kaushal Shah manages digital marketing communications for the enterprise technology services provided by Rishabh Software.