If you have recently purchased a new laptop, what will you do with the old one? Most of the people throw it in the bin or put it in the storeroom. However, this is not the best option, both environmentally and financially. The laptop contains lots of toxic and heavy materials that can cause long-term damage to the environment if not disposed of correctly. Additionally, there are several ways you can make some money from your old laptop, even if it no longer works!

According to the reports, the estimate of the electronic waste consumer throws away increased by 87.7 billion pounds over the years. These e-wastes are harmful to the environment and for our health and hence there is a need for it to be recycled!

There are many options for where and how to recycle your laptop. They quote you the amount instantly and all you have to do is to tell them the brand of your laptop or phone and select the model and the condition of your laptop or the other electronic device. Provide any additional information or product specific problems. In less than a minute you will get the true back price of your laptop. Beside this some other information like your name, address, phone number and other contact information are required. These recycling companies provide you with free shipping and cash or gift coupons in exchange for your old laptop. So all you have to do is erase all your data from the hard drive of your laptop, pack your unwanted electronic items and the companies’ courier person will pick it from your doorstep.

Moreover, if you don’t wish to hand over your old items to any of the companies executive you can directly sell laptop online or sell the parts of your laptop online. Even if your laptop is not working the parts such as the screen, keyboard, processors can be easily sold online. This will not make as much money as fully working laptop but will still earn you more than collecting dust in your stores.

Local government recycling centers

Most of the local government recycling centers have the correct facilities to dispose of your old equipment. They will ensure that none of the environmental problem and pollution occurs while disposing them of.

Get your laptop recycled by recycling websites for cash

This is certainly the simplest and the most financially rewarding method. There are many recycling sites out of which you can choose the one which pays good amount for your old electronic equipment. They will instantly send you to quote after getting the information and once you confirm it, they will collect your old equipment and will pay you the money.

Donate it to charity

If money is not the biggest concern for you and you want to do a bit of charity or save the environment, instead of selling it online or throwing away your used laptop you can consider donating it to some in need or give it to some institute which does charity. So either sell used laptop or the parts online, trade it for something you need or donate it to some charity just maximize the benefits by doing so. Do a little research first and choose the right web and service to go with.

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