Spirituality is about connecting ourselves with a deeper reality and using that perception to better ourselves and our lives. Although, it is not always easy to look at ourselves at a deeper level, because we have settled into who we are not realizing how possible it is to better ourselves. Our egos are especially resistant to that, yet the ego's perspective is disconnected from the much wider reality. There is so much more potential for us to tap into that we may not even realize. We don't have to be as limited as we have learned to be, there are those visions that we get sometimes which we should really listen to. Should we just accept the conditioning we have along with its fears and restrictions or can we learn to understand consciousness through spirituality and find our inner child that has been long lost.

When we open our minds to learning more about life instead of being comfortable in the reality we are in, we can be pleasantly surprised. Opening up in this way can become very addictive once we've reached a certain threshold because the momentum we get from learning new and interesting things about reality is incredible. Then we can wonder why we waited so long! But it is because the ego's momentum from our survival reality does what it can to keep us away from waking up, because we have learned that we have to be “normal”. Society has certain cues to keep us believing in this way. Later on we will learn that there are forces out there that keep us normal to make these forces more powerful.

There is a reason why movies with spiritual lessons are so fascinating. The Star Wars trilogy is a great example of how we look up to growing into really becoming someone. We all have this spiritual desire inside us but our egos and conditioning have made us to be afraid of it. It even happens to me who writes articles about this subject, there have been times where I have been uncomfortable with the word. But then I asked myself: “what is wrong with me?”, I realize that the reality my ego puts me in has fears about spirituality, but yet is so far disconnected from the real world. Our egos put us in a false reality and we always need to wake up further from that no matter how much spiritual influence we have had.

Spirituality is about our own free exploration of who we are, which is where we learn the most from. From our core, we expand outwardly to understanding more about the rest of the world. The key is to see things for ourselves versus giving into beliefs. Our consciousness grows much stronger when we go through our own path of discovery where we learn directly from our own experiences. Our consciousness grows when we are ready to discard old beliefs in order to learn better truths. That is why we should not attach ourselves to our beliefs systems, it is impossible that they have all the answers.

When we get deeper into our own spirituality, we see how we can have different waves of consciousness. We can be really inspired and overwhelmed with great energy versus being trapped in our egos. Our egos are predominant when we have fear, when we are doing something we dislike or are uncomfortable. But our fears drive us into all of these, and we have so many we don't realize because they are in our subconscious. Our inspiration comes with our moments of growth and breakthroughs.

Both waves of consciousness are about energy and how we handle it. We can let ourselves get overexcited for example and then get back in our egos towards being overconfident but then we waste that momentum boost. And when we don't want to feel the energy behind our fears, our minds get neurotic which means being locked up in the ego. To find that balance of energy we need to be able to breathe into a state where we feel our entire selves. It is important to be able to channel our energies properly thought our bodies to maintain a balance away from the ego if we really want to further pursue our spirituality. It it about staying grounded.

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My work in spirituality is about learning how to take it to the next level through understanding our personal energy dynamics.
I believe that when we understand our energies and are able to either let go of them of harness them, we can master ourselves.
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