Life is always changing with the advancement of technology. Technology is something that strives us to more forward and achieves what we desire. Internet has changed our life to a huge extent. Facebook and blogs are strange to none and they are becoming best ways to go viral online. Let me come to the point straight if you run a business and you want to make it big you should have a blog. There are many reasons why a blog is essential for a budding up firm. Let us take a look of some of them.

• A blog is the perfect place where you can express yourself. Your ideas, your institutions ideas and so on. If your company is launching a new product you can promote the product easily through your blog. By using a blog it will be easy for you to communicate with your customers, they can express their opinions about your product in the blog. If you are starting a new venture like sponsoring a local football team or a charity even you can put it on the blog. This will give a good impression to your company

• Blog is a good way to change your business into online. If you get the number and popularity of your product or service you can decide whether it is wise or not to start online business. The online trends are changing as we speak. People love to do online shopping, from booking tickets for a movie to buy a car people go online. So it is a smarter way to open an online store for your products.

• People always love to be up-to-date. Information if not given timely will be waste. Imagine you are giving some discount in your shop. People will come only if they came to know about it timely. People always love the terms “reduction” and “free” so if you are planning to give any of these it’s better to put in your blog first.

• Blogs is a place to offer more information about your service or product. Not everything can be said to the customer when he is in the shop. Things like tips and instructions to use the product better can be put up in website. If you are running a shop of electronic gadgets then a good website and a well maintained blog is inevitable. People will not know much about all these hi end things, like smart phones tablets etc. people buy them just for curiosity and due to the lack of knowledge or lack of time they can’t explore all the facilities in the device. Here comes the importance of blogs. We can give tips and features about the gadgets that they don’t know. This will ensure that the customer will have a good interaction with the company.

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