Hard work always pays off but everyone needs their share of time for recuperating from the toil done. Extra-curricular activities provide an instant relief to hard workers after putting their brains at continuous work for a long period of time. They fall outside the realm of normal education in school or university education. Such activities are a necessity at all levels of education because different levels of work carry different kind of stress. After finishing myriad assignments children too want relaxation. Career is extremely important; however, other activities also need to be given equal importance. They can include anything ranging from playing sports to refreshing by watching favorite television channels or by getting some fresh air to name a few.

Balancing education and extra-curricular activities maybe a little too much for young minds, its merits will be realized in later life. The sense of balancing work and life play a crucial role in college life, adulthood and subsequently married life as well. These activities help children while growing up because they learn new skills. It depends on the children which field they want to choose as their favorite because whichever field they will choose; there will be a great scope for learning. For instance, if children learn swimming they will learn surviving skills and a debating society will increase their interpersonal skills to name a few. In later stages, they will also learn team work and fair treatment because the more they mature their learning will increase as well as their understanding.

Exercising control over their life is parents’ first priority because it allows them to find out how they are performing. Their activities should be simplified rather than making the seemingly tuff for them. It is necessary that choice of children should be clearly understood before jumping into the fire. It will be of no use if children are asked to take part in activities that they are not interested in, thus their point of view should be the topmost priority for all parents. They also need to limit the amount of time children spend in such activities so that they can give time to other important chores as well. If children give a helping hand to their siblings or parents, that can also be considered to be a way of judiciously using time.

Education surely changes the thinking, understanding and comprehension of children but an overall development cannot happen in a few days or months. Extra-curricular activities play an important role in their development. It teaches them skills and understanding which education alone cannot teach. Education makes a person change perception, can become broad-minded but it cannot teach everything to them. It can make a person literate but not a risk-taker. The guts to believe in themselves come through experiences and not just education. Extra-curricular activities is equally important for an overall growth in the personality of children, it teaches them things which parents, friends and foes, siblings or relatives cannot teach. Children are innocent lads still, they cannot remain innocent forever. Growth is inevitable and parents need to support their children.

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