We all know that there is a dire need to save energy. It’s impossible to ignore the warnings to reduce our carbon footprint. But the most important point is that how many of us know the facts that explain why we need to change our ways for a better tomorrow. We need to motivate ourselves into thinking the way we use energy in the home, at work and in our everyday lives. Every time we do something that uses energy the natural resource used to create that energy becomes further scarce. Fossil fuels are a vital source of power which ids eventually going to run out one day.

We all agree on a common ground that fossil fuels are more precious than ever unless we find a reliable solution for the problems we might face. World wide experts predict that current oil reserves will only last another 40 years, and coal will last for coming 200 years at which continue using energy at the rate we currently are. At the same time our energy consumption is drastically affecting climate patterns. Each time fuel is burned; CO2 is released during into the atmosphere, causing an undeniable change in Earth’s natural climatic and weather condition prevailing all over the globe. In UK and throughout Europe as well as around the world that the heat waves of long summers now became major changes regarding flood, drought, retreating ice caps recently taken notice as fossils changes their natural state means burning. Almost fifty percent of the CO2 produced through fuel which has been utilized in homes in the UK. Therefore reducing such consumption of energy would no doubt makes really huge impact of the environment as well as the saving of energy. Recently WWF has announced their future plan of reducing the energy means reduction of Carbon Dioxide almost sixty percent by the end of 2050.

The most startling effects seen all over the globe in last few decades is that majors flood heists has been routine for different parts of the world at estimated time span of 10 to 20 years. The sea levels are also rising at an undeniably rapid pace and in forth coming future the sea level is expected to give a minimum rise of 2100 meters. Countries adjoining coasts and especially south eastern countries are the major victims of this drastic revenge of nature. Medically about an increase of 5000 deaths per year is predicted due to the damage caused to the ozone layer. These drastic changes in environmental conditions has also caused extinction to a large number living specious and in coming future almost quarter of current species will be extinct and more will be on the verge of extinction.

So as result of all those rapid natural changes caused by the unaccounted use of resources has caused us to think that what world we are creating for ourselves. It’s became now center stage of national as well as world agenda of why saving. And more than ever, there’s no excuse for not doing something about it.

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