Did you know your thinking affects every part of your life including your mental and physical health? Most of us do not even think about thinking because it comes so naturally and for the majority it comes all the time. The voices in your head do not ever seem to go away and they have a life of their own. They can control you. Your thinking can either break you or make you, it just depends on what type of thinking you are allowing. Most people spend their time thinking about past or future events instead of focusing on the present moment.

If you were to keep track of your thoughts, how many of them would be negative? How many of them would bring you pain? How many would bring you joy? How many of them do you replay over and over in your head for no apparent reason? In reality you would not even have to keep track. If you are feeling good, you are thinking positive thoughts. Feeling bad is the biggest indication that you are thinking negatively.

One of the most enlightening things I have learned is that we are not what we think and we do not have to live by or in our minds. Your thoughts from the past are only memories. They cannot effect you unless you allow them to. And to allow them, you would have to be thinking about them. Thoughts of the future are only "thought forms" because they do not exist except for in your mind. A thought is just a thought and can be changed at any time. They are not a part of your true-self so how could you be that which you are thinking?

There are many people who are so absorbed by their thinking that they become someone else. They do not pay attention to anything that goes on around them. They do not pay attention to you or to what you are saying. Their minds are constantly swirling through the past and future that they completely lose their true identity. They live in their own world - in a world that does not exist. They suffer unnecessarily and miss out on life's golden treasures.

Negative thinking creates dis-ease throughout the body. It starts with the mind by being captive in your own self-made prison. From there it moves throughout the body causing illness, stress, disease, depression, addictions, weight problems, etc. How does this happen? It happens because every thought you think creates an emotion. Our emotions are our bodies reaction to what we are thinking. That emotion is either going to feel good or it is going to feel bad. It is no different from what type of food you put into your body. If you eat good healthy foods your body and mind will feel great, but if you feed it junk, you are going to feel like crap. So "feeding" your body negative thoughts will only create a negative state of being, both mentally and physically. Now on the flip side, if you feed your body positive thoughts, just the opposite will occur. You will be dis-ease free, happy, joyful and full of life!

Now to make matters worse, every emotion you experience emits a signal or vibration which is your own personal energy field. That energy than radiates out through the Universe looking for a "match" to it. Once that match is found, it cycles back to you. Do you get what I am saying? If you think a negative thought it will create a negative emotion which in turn will create negative energy. That negative energy is going to bring you MORE negativity! This is how negative thinking effects your ENTIRE well-being. You attract what you put out, no questions asked.

So how do you stop negative thinking? You become the "watcher" of your thoughts. The moment a negative thought pops into your head, think of something positive. Remain focused in the present moment (NOW) as much as you can because there is only joy in the NOW. Stay out of the past and out of the future. Get in the habit of daily meditation. Start with 5 minutes a day and work your way up to 15 minutes a day. Surround yourself with positivity including those people who are in your life. If someone is constantly bringing you down, it is time to move on. Do what makes YOU feel good. Last but not least, find appreciation in anything and everything. This in itself will change your energy within seconds.

Think before you think. If your thoughts are not 100% positive, don't bother thinking them. Why would you want to unless you enjoy living in misery and pain.

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Cindy is a Personal Development Life Coach. Her knowledge and expertise comes from 20 years of study, personal life experiences, and from working as a community volunteer and mentor. Cindy coaches people towards finding their own personal power through inner awareness; guiding them along their own unique path toward true happiness and life fulfillment. To learn more about Cindy go to www.cindy-ortiz.com. Personal Blog go to www.leaplikeafrog.com