Re-imagining Our Potential Together
While organizations have been able to adapt to the threats of the pandemic in a variety of areas, a particular subject tends to be for those who are handling the storm better than most. The traits which empower people to do the extraordinary in such situations are faith, positive intent, collective cooperation, creativity, endurance, empathy, joy, and transformative practices. These qualities unleash the potential of people, communities, and organizations in tandem.

In the coronavirus pandemic, we've hit the reset button as individuals. Our emphasis is renewed on fitness, basic criteria, and critical treatment. We now remember the champions among us — first responders, healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical suppliers, supply chain employees, frontline critical pharma and grocery staff, and countless volunteers who supported their families, neighbors, and seniors through these tough times.

We now admire human relationships — family, friendship, and co-workers who, in extraordinary times, sustain each other. We seek strategies for creativity and acceptance. We must hold onto these human values, that allow human productivity, innovation, and agility, that allow us to find satisfaction, even during uncomfortable times, and that helps us to be available to support each other.

When businesses will restart after this pandemic, they must realize that they have a chance to continue their incremental progress. The strategic goals which businesses assumed would take months and years to achieve occurred in weeks. Hence, not only do businesses need to change, but they need to change their direction. How do businesses hold momentum? How can they decide correctly? As part of the decision-making process, how can you understand the human element? All these questions must be answered for us to bring a positive change regardless of the circumstances.

At Insight Success, we believe this change lies in leaders' ability to anchor their and the company's decisions to enable humans to do the extraordinary. Hence, we present this exciting edition, The New Era of Business Leaders.
On the Cover we have Gagan Arora, a self-made entrepreneur, serving as the EVP and Strategic Growth Leader at Vertex Global Services. With an instinct of being solution-oriented and thinking out of the box, Gagan was recently acknowledged as CEO of the year 2020.

Be inspired through the stories of Pankaj Karna, Founder & Managing Director, Maple Capital Advisors ;Sapna Rani Patel, COO, and Co-Founder of Gray Routes Technology, Saubhagya Tripathi, CEO of Blue9 Technologies; and Vikas Mandawewala, Co-founder, TYA Suite Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd..

Entrepreneur Ms.Nidhi Yadav, Creative Head & Founder AKS Clothings, shares her thoughts in her article Indian Fashion Retail Industry Post Covid-19. We also present articles curated by our in-house editors.

Our special section In Focus features the Yenta App.

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