Some people might wonder just where exactly telemarketing became the new hope. After all, it’s been labeled as the biggest intrusion in the lives of private individuals. It’s been the foremost in marketing tactics that have never failed to earn the ire of many people who were unceremoniously interrupted in their everyday lives because of the call of telemarketers who are probably trying to sell them stuff they don’t need at all. Worst cases have telemarketers trying to sell prospects dog food for their pet cats.

It’s funny, just to think about it. And it downright useless, telemarketing as a tactic, that is. But that’s the entire case. Ever since the phone became the tool for advertisement, telemarketing has existed to make things possible for those who seek to improve their business presence in the market. Professional telemarketers have proven that they can deliver results that no other marketing strategy has been able to produces. It’s true. Time and again has this phenomenon been proven by experts. And this is the very reason why businesses these days are starting to listen.

With the world currently reeling from the world financial crisis, there has been movements in the business sector to look for cheaper, yet effective means to improve market visibility and sales performance. The usual tactics employed in TV and radio have their advantages, but it’s high time now for many to look for strategies that would help you improve the chances of getting the sales pitch across the right set of people. And this is precisely where telemarketing comes in. This has been employed by many businesses from many sectors, from book publishers to janitorial services, and all of them have the same reply: telemarketing helped their business grow.

The reason why businesses grow with the help of telemarketing can be traced to its simplicity. One only needs to make a phone call to introduce a certain product or concept to anyone who answers the phone. Another thing that aids in telemarketing’s success is its ability to target only the right customers. After all, phone calls can be a bit expensive, so professional telemarketers make it a point to choose their prospects carefully. In addition, there is the personal touch that telemarketers provide in their calls. A skilled telemarketer can use that to his advantage since people would be more receptive to offers if they have someone to talk to about it.

There are many ways for a business to grow, thanks to the inherent flexibility of telemarketing. Before, telemarketing was solely aimed at private individuals, and the products and services geared solely to the consumers. Today, telemarketing is now used by firms in finding other firms to do business with. Among the many tasks that telemarketers do is in the area of lead generation and appointment setting, the two most important tasks that needs to be done successfully. It is only through telemarketing can these be done in the right way.

Telemarketing is a tool with unlimited potentials. Tapped properly, and this could solve the problems of many firms. Despite all the problems and bad press pinned on telemarketing, the fact remains that this is still the marketing strategy of choice. No doubt there will be pundits and those who claim that its time is well past, but telemarketing will continue to persevere. As long as there is the need for an effective and affordable marketing plan, telemarketing will be there as well. It has been very reliable and has shown results. It will continue in its task in the years to come. It’s the best investment anyone can ever make.

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