The Coronavirus is hitting our nation hard. It is important that every one of us recognizes that this is the New Normal. Everything is now different.

Stores are closing and normal outlets of customer service are being shuttered. The stage and the platform for creative implementation are now yours. Get ready to put yourself on that platform and do and be what has to be done. For example, some physicians are offering their services online and teletherapy has become the new normal for mental health professional to reach their clients. This is a brand-new gig and a brand-new launching. Everything starts and begins here, much like past significant events that have ushered in new eras in our civilization.

Again, it all starts here:

Creativity: Never doubt that you are a creator and a creative person. Now is the time to be more creative than ever.

Empowerment: Get set to take risks with ideas that are authentic and real. Empower the real you. That's the new normal.

• Community: Your community is suffering. It is time to step up with all of who you are. Bring some joy, compassion, empathy, beauty, love and transcendence to others. Your creative talents are about to be externalized and made beneficial to the human race. Start something new. Tell some jokes. Make some music. Do some dancing. Help a neighbor.

We have been instructed during this pandemic to protect our nose, eyes, mouth, and ears. That's the physical side of protection. What about protecting them on a psychological level? What can you do to stem anxiety? Here are some ideas that will help strengthen and fortify those areas:

• Nose: it's time to slow down your breathing, focus, meditate, and increase your creativity.

• Ears: What you allow into your ears matters. Messaging is the issue. Inspire yourself with newness, through books, music etc. We are in the new times.

• Eyes: Put the guard on stage to protect you and keep you from distractions. Suppose you had only 30 days left, what would you look at? Nature, children, etc...what?

• Mouth: Try not to suppress real feelings, no matter what they are. Pain is real and so is bliss, happiness and joy. What comes out of your mouth can change lives, especially yours and others. Here's the good news: you know what to say and to whom to say it. What is it that you want to express from your throat center and its creative expression?

You can win and be triumphant in the upcoming weeks. Decide on an action that you will take for yourself, your community, and for your eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

Many of us have been instructed to "shelter down" in our homes and not go out unless absolutely necessary. Being confined to our homes during an emergency crises can create more anxiety and emotional tension among family members. It's easy to become fused, reactive, and "get on each others nerves". Now more than ever, it is important to activate the four protective points above in your relationships. Along with that, the following becomes imperative:

• Practice listening and responding to others rather than reacting.

• Govern your conversations to be more democratic: listen, understand, respond and allow the same to others.

• Practice more kindness, understanding, and empathy. Smile, laugh.

• Watch what you say and be careful how you interpret information.

• Don't let anxiety, tension and misinformation create craziness. Remember, craziness accelerates exponentially and it's easy to be drawn into it.

In summary, here are some general suggestions:

1. Take a risk. Be courageous; but not foolish. Try something new, but not endangering.

2. Lean into your community. Make a positive impact. Help someone.

3. Trust yourself to know what you have to do and what it is you are about to introduce.

4. Drop what has to be dropped from your past. However, learn and gain something from your past that can accelerate you into the new future. Don't get stuck in the past. Dig out some significant history that might have relevance for you.

5. What are your core values? It's time to take stock and bring those values into consciousness. Get ready to step forward with those values. Your community needs you.

6. You are the creator of the New Normal. Unleash the creative beast.

7. Don't let fear stop you from seeing the gifts of this new time and New Normal. What choices are at your disposal?

8. Fear is an energy. Take that energy that is hiding under the fear and step forward to help heal the world.

Inside all of us is a certain amount of the Messiah/messianic archetype. That character resides somewhere in your soul and your psyche.

Keep in touch. Most of all, stay safe.

Author's Bio: 

Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. LMFT is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist in private practice in Southern California. For over forty years, his goal has been to help his clients define who they are, overcome obstacles, deepen relationships, and evolve to the next stage of their lives in the most successful and productive way possible. For more information, visit his website at