We use an entirely new modality of healing in the Miraculous Activations weekends, that of ‘Miraculous Healing’. It is a unique form of healing developed from both my innate ability to see and understand the human experience in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms and the translation of information I have received from the Divine while working in partnership healing myself , my clients and friends.

The technique of Miraculous Healing though it will feel familiar in it’s origins to those who have studied healing and clairvoyance, is not from some particular work that I studied and became a practitioner of, but rather innate gifts that I was born with that I’ve developed. I have learned how to see and interpret the whole wellness picture through both western medicine and spiritual eyes. I consider what I do and what I am now teaching a spiritual science that can be measured charted and studied, as well as taught and replicated by apprentices.

Aura and Chakra charting

What we do is actually alter and shift DNA, the spiritual/ energetic body, colors, the aura, the chakras and the endocrine system. The endocrine system is a vital part of the process because it is the physical system that is most similar to the spirit. The hormonal release into the body actually echo’s the spirit in body activity; they become the twin of each other, so if the hormonal system is well tuned the spiritual connection is solid and strong.

The Miraculous Healing program addresses the whole human experience, health, wealth, and love and the many layers of connection and disharmony that bring each to their answers and ‘cures’.

Another vital part of the program is to comprehensibly fine-tuning the complex spiritual body, which includes the halo, the spirit body connection, and soul (which is the chalice for the spirit). A bonus teaching point* spirit is our ligh and information it is ageless and timeless and is protected by a container/chalice which is our soul.

In our upcoming weekend we will be addressing the process of finding the core challenge. How do you know the right questions to ask the body? Students will delve deeply into the language of intuition.

Miraculous Living Weekend

Author's Bio: 

Life does not come with an instruction manual for success, so Reverend Julie Renee has provided one for you!

America’s most gifted Master Healer, Speaker, and Author of three activation programs including; ‘Accelerate Wealth from the Inside Out‘, ‘Beautiful from the Inside Out‘, and ‘Illumination Today‘, Reverend Julie Renee is the ultimate guide to mastering the full human experience through her laser focused direction.

‘Failure to succeed may have nothing to do with your action, and everything to do with your programming’.

She guides her audience in the implementation of movement and rest, the integration of the desired results through meditation and clearings, followed by outer action on the physical plane.

While participating in ‘Accelerate Wealth from the Inside Out’, you will rapidly magnetize the life of your dreams while permanently clearing away impediments from your personal road to riches.

Julie Renee provides a keen perspective on the inner workings of spirit and body connection, and how those inner workings direct and affect each one of us. Her work is for everyone who wants more out of life. She provides the new blueprint for freedom in the areas of Health, Wealth, Vitality, and Beauty.

Julie Renee Doering