Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disease. Symptoms can start gradually starting with imperceptible tremors in one hand. Other common symptoms of the disease include stiffness and slowing down of movement. Presently Parkinson’s disease is incurable and symptoms worsen over time. Medication or surgery can improve the symptoms.


The symptoms of Parkinson’s disease (PD) can vary from person to person. Symptoms can be broadly classified into the motor and non-motor symptoms.

Motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are noticeable and are used to diagnose the disease. The motor symptoms of PD are:-

Stiffness or rigidity: Muscle stiffness is a typical symptom of the disease detected by the doctor on examination
Slowness (bradykinesia) is a decrease in spontaneous and voluntary movement. Simple tasks become hard and time-consuming.
Resting tremors are involuntary tremors that fingers, hands or limbs when relaxed.
Posture instability may result in difficulty walking or maintaining balance.
Speech changes
Non-motor symptoms or invisible symptoms of Parkinson cannot be seen from outside. Non-motor symptoms can impact the quality of life. Non-motor symptoms can be

Low blood pressure
Sexual problems
Urine problem
Sweating problem
Cognitive or memory problems
REM sleep disorder
Weight loss
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Researchers do not know the reasons for Parkinson’s disease. A combination of aging, genetics, and environmental factors can lead to Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease causes the nerve cells in the brain to break down and die. Many symptoms associated with the disease are due to the loss of neurons.

Scientists and researchers have noticed that there are many changes occur when a person has PD. Some of these changes include:-

Markers in the brain cells called Lewy bodies.
A protein called alpha-synuclein is found in all Lewy bodies.
Parkinson’s disease generally occurs in older people over 60. Men are more likely to develop the disease.


There is no definitive test that will help the best neurologist in Varanasi diagnose Parkinson’s disease. Your diagnosis will be based on symptoms, medical history, physical, and neurological symptoms. The disease is difficult to diagnose in the early stages. The neurologist near me may consider PD if you exhibit two out of the four symptoms over some time. During the neurological exam, they may ask you to perform routine tasks to gauge your agility, balance, tremors, and stiffness. The finding is filled into a United Parkinson’s disease rating scale (UPDRS). The scale is used by the doctor to determine the baseline to track the progression of the disease and the effect of medication.

If the neurologist suspects you have PD may be given dopaminergic medication. If you do not respond to the medication the neurologist may look for an alternative condition.

Imaging tests such as MRI, CT scan, and PET scan may be used to rule out any other disease. Blood tests at home may be ordered to eliminate any other possible condition. DAT Scan may be used to confirm the diagnosis.


Parkinson’s disease cannot be cured but you can manage the disease with medication. Surgical options are also available to help you manage the disease.

People with PD have a low amount of dopamine in their brains. The medication is given usually substitutes or increases the dopamine amount.

There are many medications prescribed by the best Neurologists in Varanasi. Keeping track of the medication can be daunting as they may be of different doses and need to take at different times of the day.

You may show some significant improvement when they have first prescribed the effectiveness diminishes over time. The medication still helps to control your symptoms fairly well.

Surgical procedures are used when medication is not effective or there is extreme motor fluctuation. Currently suggested by the best neurologists in Varanasi suggest a procedure called deep brain stimulation to help elevate the symptoms of the condition.

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Once diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease your neurologist in Varanasi may recommend some lifestyle changes to make living with the condition easier. These may include:-

• Eating healthily

• Working with a physiotherapist from Varanasi to have an excise routine tailor-made for you.

• ‘Avoid falls by modifying your gait.

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