As mobile marketing companies around the world are racing to capture their share of the booming mobile advertising market, businesses also have to quickly prepare to be ready to accept users from new mobile devices. Mobile advertisements on browser enabled phones have the capability to send users direct to your site. That means that if your business is ready to do ecommerce transactions with you products or services, you open a new store front for business. This new storefront is different though; it needs web developers instead of cashiers, but it can make you global. It can literally put your business on the map with more information than ever before. Users can find locations of businesses online and on the go, but your website has to be optimized to accept these new users' equipment or your company will miss an opportunity to reach these customers. So what does a business need to do to make sure their website is ready to handle mobile visitors?

Simple development tools use basic coding languages in very well-known formats with 4-6 years of backward compatibility. HTML4 and CSS3 can create almost any beautiful layout. You can use .jpegs if your colors are simple, use .pngs if you need good quality with overall good portability. Thoroughly test your banners, pop ups, applications, check-outs, and other non-simplistic scripts. Mobile marketing agencies will advise you that any JavaScript will require extensive testing on mobile devices. Stay away from Flash completely because of huge incompatibilities with many common devices. Design content that can be resized, and zoomed in without losing quality. Use analysis software to check if there are any points in the process that are causing a lot of users to drop out and take a look at those steps and change them. Once you're sure that 90%+ of users can see your message the way you intended it, then you have to optimize your webpage to sell.

Mobile marketing companies can help you optimize your landing pages and payment methods to close the sale. The first page that the ad links to should hook the user, give them exactly what they came for and then present a fast and easy method to purchase or donate. Your payment methods could be faster. This is a mantra your business needs to adopt today; do everything you possibly can think of to make the act of buying from your business as simple as possible. Many cell phones and mobile platforms allow the user to make purchases through PayPal or with their credit cards using saved information and bypassing the need of having to enter a long list of credentials. However, businesses can ruin this speedy transaction with poorly optimized websites. Here are some simple questions to begin to consider how to improve this process that many mobile marketing agencies will ask you. Can you save credit card information and other credentials securely, in case a user comes back to buy again? Does your process have several registration hold-ups that may discourage buyers? Just how many screens does a user have to go through before they have completed your transaction from ad to sale? Your advertising depends on you to be able to make the sale after it delivers a lead.

Your website is where you sell, and where you see the returns on your mobile marketing investment. Mobile marketing companies want your campaigns to return just as much as your business does. Give customers an option to do business using their phones and mobile devices and you will get more donations, or sell more of your products and services.

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