“And What We Are to Learn on Earth”

There are 9 planes of existence in the spiritual world. Our goal is to work our way up the ladder of vibration and heal our soul and spread light and love.

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We Live on the Third Plane of Existence

There are very dense and negative planes of existence that start with Number 1 in which all negativity resides.

Then there is the second plane of existence in which negative entities or dark angels arise.

And then there is the third plane of on which we live and this is also the beginning of light.

Here are All Nine Planes

Plane 1 - First Plane of Existence - Darkness

Plane 2 - Second Plane of Existence - Negative Entities Live in This Plane - Dark Angels

Plane 3 - Our Third Plane of Existence - Our World of Light and Darkness - Our Existence

Plane 4 - Next Higher Planes of Existence Towards God and Light — Angels Live Here

Plane 5 - A High Plane of Light Which Leads to God and Light

Planes 6 to 9 - Above all this… there are 4 More Higher Planes of Existence that Lead to a Higher Connection to God and Light

On This Earthly Plane, We are in Kindergarten

Our plane of existence here is somewhat like kindergarten where we learn the fundamentals of life itself. On this plane, we know about love, and we also know darkness which is all the negative emotions. And it’s up to us to be like a moth and move towards the light and raise our vibration.

We Have Only One Thing to Learn on this Earthly Plane

There is only one precept to learn— “Just Love One Person and the Angels will do the Rest”. If we love someone, our love will spread and our guardian angels will guide people towards the light.

This takes place millions upon millions of times… with millions of people. And sooner or later we move towards the light. And there is an infinite number of angels helping us.

Of course, there are those negative entities (dark angels) trying to undo all of this and move people towards the darkness and the lower levels of vibration.

But they are no match for the light…

Light always removes the darkness… if we only believe.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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