Network marketing can be a tough industry. It requires determination, motivation, courage and thick skin. The reason for the thick skin is that you need to learn to hear a no many times for each yes you get, and sometimes you need to get used to the no before you can get a yes.

Network marketing has a somewhat tarnished reputation because many people fail to make any money- the figures are quoted at between 90- 97% of people in the industry. There are also reports of companies that have behaved immorally and left their members in trouble with no rescue plan.

However, since it is a very successful industry and has been around for several decades, somebody somewhere is doing it right, and reaping the financial rewards that you are probably looking for.

Some of the mistakes that network marketers make are to chase their family and friends until they have to hide when the door bell rings. This is about not having a successful method of generating new leads, so you alienate the people that you know.

Other mistakes include not comprehending that MLM is not a get rich quick scheme. Network marketing takes time to set up a network and a downline, and it entails hard work and consistency and understanding the correct way to promote your business.

Another mistake that network marketers make is that they do not pick up the phone. Network marketing is about connecting with people, building a working relationship with people and forging friendships with your team. None of this can be done without picking up the phone.

Yet another mistake that people in the MLM industry make is that they try to replicate whatever their upline does, without really asking if it will suit them as a business model. Some people are more outgoing and love cold calling, others prefer small meetings, some love the conference room filled with people, others only like to work on the phone....we all have an individual preference for the way we work, and trying to work like someone else does not bode well for success.

However, none of the above is the number one mistake that network marketers make. Most people that work from home do not understand how to generate a continual stream of people into their business that are excited about their opportunity and want to join the company. This is the formula for success in network marketing- follow the lead of some top class network marketers who have made enormous profits in this industry, and they are prepared to show you exactly how they achieved this financial freedom that escapes so many.

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Written by Caroline Nettle

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