With each new day we find that the world has changed a little; on some days it’s changed a lot. Often that change creates uncertainty; a subtle discomfort that comes from not knowing what’s going to happen next.

During times like these the greatest confidence builder available to you is having a written goal. A written goal has the power to transcend the mixed emotions that are triggered by change and it gives you a stable point on which to focus.

Often when I ask someone if they have goals they instinctively say, “Yes.” When I ask them if they are written and up-to-date the answer is most often, “No.” The challenge with just carrying your goals around in your head is that there is a lot of other stuff in there demanding your attention. A good long-range goal is not urgent enough to compete with things like say paying your bills today or showing up for work on time. Things that are urgent and immediate almost always get more attention than the less-crucial activities that are necessary to reach your big goals.

If you are not producing the outcomes you desire in your life start today by taking the time to make a list of the things you would like to accomplish over the next 90 days. In addition, be sure to invest your time and energy daily in transforming those goals into reality.

Remember that a goal cannot be raised in the same place in which it was conceived; you must move it from your head and place it into your hands. Life does not reward you for what you intend to do it can only respond to what you actually do. All goals require action in order to avoid becoming the idle wishes of a dream-junkie; someone addicted to wanting more than that for which they are willing to work.

With a clear written direction and destination the winds of change will serve as the power you need to move forward. Without a clear written direction and destination, the winds of change will cause you to drift in an ocean of uncertainty.

Author's Bio: 

L. Andrew Morgan is known as The Goals Coach by coaching clients, seminar participants, and more than 230,000 people around the world who enjoy his success messages via Twitter.

He is the author of "About Goals: The Daily Goals Tool Kit", and "About Goals: 101+ Quick Tips to Reach Your Goals". In addition, he has developed tools such as the "About Goals: Life-Motion Study" and "The About Goals Daily Journal", all designed to help achievers find clarity and focus to reach their objectives faster.

He currently lives on the east coast in Silver Spring, Maryland, and is the President of Break Out! Seminars and the founder of Http://www.AboutGoals.com.