Impressive CV
The irony of life is that we need an impressive CV but its impressiveness is not what bags the job. It is a good intro but then …
A Leg in the Door
No more than a leg in the door, resumes get you in front of the hiring people, but it will be a compelling story that will get your past the door and into a work station that is truly yours.
Preparation is Key
Many people have got the message of a professional CV (sadly some have not!). Some people have to learn the hard way and I am one of those who took that route until I wised up. Not just a professional CV but also specific preparation about the company. I went to one interview and had not even looked up the company’s website. The disappointment on the part of the interviewing panel was palpable and needless to say I did not get the job! This was clear lack of preparation and lack of savvy.

Leadership Quandary
If you are applying for a responsible position where you will be making some day to day decisions and aspiring to a leadership position then you need a compelling story about yourself and how you hope to benefit your target employment company. You have to be prepared to be hired. If you are not prepared how on earthy can you take the lead in a responsible position.

Leadership Positions
Think about what people have to do in a company: teamwork with colleagues and manage one or more employees. You may have to persuade customers and sell products and services.

Why the Lack of Preparation?
In my case I thought I knew enough. That must be a form of arrogance. Arrogance is defined as meaning that you think you are better or know more than others. In my case it was complacency – thinking I could look it up once I got there! Or is that arrogance again?

Advance Work
Aptitude – your skills to do the job are set out in the CV, but at the interview your attitude is also being tested. Your attitude is on the line. How you tell your story will reveal your attitude, your passions and your can-do philosophy.

Emotional Click
Your CV is important and all the date is on the page. Now you are on the stage. Remember what Shakespeare penned: All the world’s a stage and here is your 15 minutes to 30 minutes (usually). There needs to be an emotional connect and that is where your compelling story fits in.
Next Time
When you get the next call for an interview go into overdrive and load up with a compelling story that hits the right spot. You can’t sell yourself on the back of your CV alone!

The Number One Secret of Getting that Job Offer: have a compelling story.

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