As you know, I’m a Teacher of Integrity (Axiom of Translation). I speak with a lot of leaders and healers. One of the statements that really frustrates this part of my Soul is the belief that because someone is in the spiritual field there is no need for new awarenesses.

I have a coach and I have said…”Well, everything feels really great today, so nothing pops into my head. Let me conduct a further check-in.” When I do that, my Soul always has something to say. “Let’s go deeper here. Let’s experience more joy. We can be more aware here.”

Arrogance and self-righteousness are the number one spiritual road blocks. Let’s face it. Everything collects dust. And, that’s OK! I am on my path every day. I check-in. I connect to Soul via my Soul Language team. I meditate and I pray. And guess what I still get zapped. I’m not too proud and I’m too smart not to admit to that fact.

Spirituality is a practice. It is an on-going conscious connection of you understanding and bringing awareness to who you are. It is a fact that we don’t remember all that we are. Every day I learn something new about myself because I know I’m an infinite energy with infinite possibilities.

So here is the challenge. I challenge you to experience you in a deeper way. Notice when you are moving into those spiritual road blocks and then ask the question, “How can I know myself better in this situation?”

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Jennifer Urezzio is a master intuitive and the founder and spiritual director of Know Soul’s Language. Soul Language is a way to consciously connect with your Soul that was received through Divine Guidance. Understanding your Soul Languages allows you to access your own Soul’s guidance to accept your value, be more confident, have more impact and grow into a stronger leader.