Corporations and other companies are in the trend of trimming their staff to bring down operational expenses. In an attempt to move on the path of progress, enhancement and betterment the management took on reducing their expenses by removing many people from their jobs and asking the people left behind to handle more than one task. On the charts this may seem to be a workable approach but as the results revealed, it proved to be the opposite of what was expected. The staff was burdened with work which started affecting the productivity and the need to hire more people was needed sooner than was planned.
It may seem a good approach to the managers and the owners to reduce staff and pay less salary to increase their savings. But when asked from an organisational development consultant, the explanation was a complete opposite. When you need to make changes in the company it is better to implement them when the time is right for it. Making changes without proper planning, consultation and guidance can lead to devastating outcomes. The company’s working structure can be cracked or even collapse and instead of rising upwards the company would soon be coming down crashing.
Gone are the days when fat and lazy dinosaurs were seen around eating the company’s expenses and doing nothing. Today there are no personal relationships tolerated in an organization. One has to be efficient and effective to keep his position secure in any organization. You would not find anyone in an organization that is getting paid because he has served for so many years and the company is in debt for his services and would not fire. This is the age where results matter more than relationships and when someone cannot work anymore due to any reason, he would be simply let go. The way of seeing him off may depend on his behavior and working style of the past, but the management is no longer keen to employ people who would be a burden on the organization.
A lot of people blame the management consulting for planting this idea and trend in the organizations. But the higher management is thankful to the consultants who have made it possible to bring down the expenses of the company and also allow room for faster growth and enhancement of the company. With the growth and extension of the organization it is not just the owners who benefit, but every person attached to the industry can guarantee their betterment and growth too.

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