As someone in Cleveland, Ohio there are special times.

Special because, as most people know, the Cleveland Cavaliers are in the N.B.A. Finals. And, unlike the last time, they are contenders with a chance to compete.

This accomplishment is not taken lightly in these parts, And you don't have to look far to know what the key cog was. (Yes, there is other talent that should be recognized, too).

LeBron James

The hometown boy who made it big and came back to where he is from. The one who is now playing in his fifth consecutive N.B.A. Finals. The one who gave up fame in New York City or Los Angeles to come back home and make a difference to his community.

It was one thing to win in Miami, as they won a title before he was there.

But there is something about Cleveland. For example;

The Drive, The Fumble, the 1997 World Series blown against the Marlins, "The Shot" by Michael Jordan, the Sports Illustrated jinx

The town known as "The Mistake On The Lake" has lived up to its' nickname more than once over the years. Anyone from near here would know about those events.

As opposed to Miami, there would be something special, indeed, about winning here, in a blue collar Rust Belt town. The town that hasn't had a title in a major sport since the 1964 Cleveland Browns. (Before there was a Super Bowl). That is the longest drought of any city in the nation.

And he knows it.

But, in his case, is about even more. When people look back on LeBron James they will remember more than a talented player. His legacy might be about bringing more than basketball talent. His presence itself is a motivator, bringing out the best in the people around him.

He even said as a youngster that assists meant as much to him as scoring did. He repeatedly has called himself the leader of the team through the year.

And teammate Tristan Thompson said he was impressed at how James can "impart his will" on a game (and a team, and a franchise). If you don't think so look at this - his nine year old son, LeBron James, Jr., is already being watched by Ohio State basketball scouts.

His way is definitely working, as there is a different feel in the air. When the team plays, a person gets the feeling they should and could win - almost expected. In years past, one got the sense they would somehow fall short in the second round of the playoffs.

Also remember this; when he went to Miami he took a pay cut to try to assemble a winner - something almost unheard of in this day and age.

And, when he came back to Cleveland, he brought a humble, mature spirit that he spreads beyond the game - to things like the LeBron James Foundation, bringing hope to the people of Akron.

He also brought some fellow Miami teammates with him to Cleveland - teammates that left where they won two titles in four years (James Jones, Mike Miller).

Even his little-known Nike video was motivating, emphasizing the theme of being in things together, including the fans.

These things transcend just the game of basketball, and that is why these are on a spiritual blog.

Yes, he is about more.

LeBron James

That is why, for this blog post, there is a different approach.

This post consists of a previous post about LeBron James and his connection to Cleveland, along with the now famous letter he wrote when he decided to leave the Miami Heat and return to his home.

The post was called "Finally, A Way To Get More With What You Already Have", from January 2015.

Here is the post and a link to the letter.

Finally, A Way To Get More With What You Already Have

"I love it. Home sweet home."

That quote was from superstar LeBron James, while looking at the snow covered Cleveland Clinic courts in Independence, Ohio. The Cleveland Cavaliers held their pre-game shootaround there - instead of Quicken Loans Arena - in mid-January.

This snowy, cold, wintry backdrop was not what many people would say, "I love it" to.

However, LeBron James has a new perspective on his life, and it is one that is worth looking at.

It might not make sense on the surface, but that tundra is "Home Sweet Home" to LeBron James, if you look deeper.


People wonder why LeBron James would leave a warm, ideal Miami environment with palm trees to come to the snowy, winter wonderland that is Cleveland, Ohio.

After all, he could have gone anywhere he wanted. Why here?

Home sweet home

To some "Home sweet home" is not about a sunny day at the beach, but it is about what is deep down in humans in their soul.

To others that might actually sound silly.

This quote reveals a lot about James. The majority of people would probably say they would prefer the sunny Miami beach to northern Ohio - especially in the winter.

Furthermore, they would ask if a person needed mental health assistance by actually calling Ohio home - instead of Miami - when they had a choice.

But is that what life is really about?

As the author of a spiritual blog this quote by James has a lot of impact and a lot of meaning.

First of all, as a human it is easy to be tempted by the superficial things in life - like money, fame, status, beauty or the beach.

However, it is safe to assume LeBron's decision to go from Miami to Cleveland had to do with less superficial things, and more with things that had substance. These were things like his family, friends and people he had memories with in the past.

"So what?", many would say. Go where it is warm.

This blog asserts there is a deeper level of desires that humans are programmed to want.

Yes, there is temptation of the superficial, like being drawn to the beach; but there is something more to humans, if they look. People call it different things - the desire to be important, to be appreciated or to just share emotions.

But humans have this desire deep down, whatever you call it.

James was referring to this something else when he talked about how special it was to be where he was at that time - by his choice.

In an iconic moment for the city of Cleveland, LeBron James said in his first game back - as he chalked up his famous hands:

"There's no place like home."


It might not have been glamorous Miami beach, but it was somewhere that meant something to him. Home wasn't palm trees; it was his essence in his soul.

When James publicly announced he was coming back to Cleveland in a letter it sounded a bit sentimental. To use his words about northeast Ohio,

"It’s where I walked. It’s where I ran. It’s where I cried. It’s where I bled. It holds a special place. People there have seen me grow up. I sometimes feel like I’m their son. Their passion can be overwhelming. But it drives me. I want to give them hope when I can. I want to inspire them when I can. My relationship with Northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball. I didn’t realize that four years ago. I do now."

That sounds like someone who understands that life is about more than a day at the beach or a vacation. Life is more about relationships, growth, development and something deep down inside a person.

He even compared his four years in Miami to spending four years in college. In other words, he went away to find himself, grow and search within.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

This is from someone (LeBron James) - who had reached heights in the N.B.A. by winning two titles and 4 Most Valuable Player Awards. He had had fame, fortune, and a mansion in warm, southern Florida.

He could have gone somewhere where people with fame go, like New York City or Los Angeles.

They would have written his ticket there, too. He could have been coddled, catered to and lived like most people think they would dream of living.

But James knew there was more to life on a deeper level, if he was honest with himself.

Yes, his odds of winning another title with the Miami Heat were probably better than in Cleveland. As a younger lad he even said he wanted "not one or two championships, but seven or eight."

But things change. The draw is more to "Home Sweet Home."

The life he dreamed of then became something with a little more substance. Most people think it had to do with family or with the people he grew up with.

Of course he still wants to win another title. In his letter he stated that the city of Miami had won a title before, but to do so in Cleveland would be special for the people there. They had not experienced a title in 50 years, since the 1964 Cleveland Browns.

Winning a title in another town (like Miami) is special, but winning one where you were first molded into what you are now is something else.

Home, sweet home.

The Secret To A Better Life

What is the secret for a better life? To look deep down, beyond what is on the surface, to some of the most basic human desires for fulfillment.

Although James sounded immature at times when he was younger, the way he has grown and developed in noteworthy.

Maybe that is why they refer to him as "The Chosen One."

It is because God is on display to teach his Creation what is actually important in life, and it is not superficial.

The King has spoken.

That is the end of the blog post.

As stated above, here is a link to his famous letter.

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