The nafs is really a robust and mad foe. This is really hard to overcome this without the support of GOD. (swt). As the sturdiest enemy of the human is the nafs, the fight with the nafs is the main one that human fights.
Faith is the second main gift Allah (swt) decided human with after the gift of Reason. Belief is the start of all golly. This is the arrival gate of the maturity path which creates human different and superior to different other creatures. This is the second parameter that affects the daily life of a person. The human steps in the fifth measurement through belief. Moreover, the human understands the order he lives in, accepts which the order and his existence have a Creator, surrenders, and depends on Him voluntarily.
According to the fifth dimension, the human experiences the second most significant differentiation of his life after the aim dimension. The human accepts the being of Allah (swt) in this dimension. He is subject to the heavenly training system of Him that principals to goodness. The person twitches to advance to the peak of human adulthood gradually with the method Allah (swt) provided for him in this measurement. The person fights with his evil-commanding nafs which principals him to performances of animals in this dimension having Allah's (swt) support. He tries to spotless his nafs from the animal experiences shaped by the wills and desires of evil-commanding nafs (bad morals) and redesign it with divine experiences (good morals). The straighter his belief and faith in Allah and the divine rules are the sooner the process will be finished and he will become "a mature person".
Reason is the most significant elegance and gift that Allah granted the human. Reason is the first parameter that changes the human life the most and differentiates him from all other creatures in visible world. Belief is the second vital limit that causes the indefinable major changes in human life where the Reason acquires a new, selfless, and divine criterion by giving up the egoist natural criterion on his reasoning, evaluation, and decision. The standards based on the concept of "excellent and evil" has changed and the natural "individual advantage" standard has been substituted with a new "Right" standard he increased by the proposal of Allah because of belief. If a person has good heavenly qualifications as honesty, generosity, evenhandedness, and humane sentiment, this person must never be blamed being an unbelieving one. One must reason that his good performances are the signs that express the light of belief in his heart.
Moreover, the development and maturing of the human totally depend on Allah's will, these announcements make people dependent to needs of their egos like a robot unaware of Allah and their creation.
The clever person is the one who takes regulator of their self and acts for what that comes after death; and the silly person is the one who simply follows their whims and then has false confidences with Allah." [Tirmizi]. Everyman should react like wise man follow our prophet Muhammad and Islamic rituals and perform different Islamic activities like umrah by December umrah packages.
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