Many people dream of making six and seven figures a year online. They’ve heard outlandish results experts in any number of industries have gotten and hope to achieve the same.
Is it really possible to build a successful and profitable online business? Absolutely. But before you can generate fabulous revenues from the comfort of your home, or virtually anywhere in the world, you have to build a solid foundation to support this growth.
For years, I’ve been teaching men and women around the globe how to set up multiple streams of revenue by way of information products. Many have achieved incredible results, while others get minimal results.
One client I’m working with went from making zero dollars online to now generating over $10,000 a month. She’s been doing this for several months now.
Another client I worked with hosted her first telesummit a few years ago and generated over $35,000 in revenue from that one online event. On the backend, she signed new consulting clients.
Another client created a certification program that she was able to fill within only a couple of weeks. Twenty-two students jumped at the chance to be in her $4,000 program.
I have countless clients who authored books and went on to become Amazon bestsellers.
Not only have these clients made money on the upfront with the offers they made, they had ample opportunities on the backend.
Yet, not everyone who has invested in one of my information products or my one-on-one services has achieved these types of results.
I used to wrack my brain trying to help everyone achieve incredible results. Then I realized, not everyone is willing to do what it takes to succeed.
Sure, they may say they want a specific outcome, but when it comes to investing the time and energy needed, they fall short.
Making great money online takes more than simply buying an info product and then dreaming about the money you will make. It takes more than positive affirmations. And it takes more than creating a vision board. You have to do the work.
In addition, you need to look at all the possible opportunities available once someone says, “Yes!” to your offers. Whether they get a free resource, a low-priced info product or jump right into a high-priced program, what you do after the initial contact is absolutely essential to your success.
You also have to make it incredibly easy for someone to gain trust in your expertise. There are a few ways to do this.
1. Be very visible online. This can include, but is not limited to, videos on YouTube, social media involvement, interviews, blogging, guest blogging, article marketing and podcasting.
2. Walk your talk. What this means is this, if you claim to be an expert at something, you best be living the part. For example, if someone is teaching abundance, and they are struggling financially, there’s a major disconnect in their message. Or let’s say someone is touting great health but if they don’t have a glow of health about them, their message is incongruent.
3. Have a follow-up plan in place when someone gets on your list. It’s a pity for you to put effort into building your subscriber list, but doing nothing on the back end to keep the person interested and engaged.
4. Determine the “journey” you will take people on once they do get on your list or buy a product from you. I call this your “end game.” What is a major destination you want to lead clients to?
A great example of a short “journey” was with a recent webinar I did. I had an opt-in page and once someone opted in they were invited to invest in a low-priced monthly membership program. I converted quite a few people at the $27 a month price point.
Had I not had the offer available, I would miss out on several thousand dollars over the course of their membership term.
Here’s a great example of a process that is spot on. Recently, I turned the big 6-0. Something that is incredibly important to me is health and well-being—physically, spiritually, financially and emotionally.
Knowing that my body has gone through changes over the past few decades, I decided to do a search online for a health expert who addresses the needs of women over the age of 60. Sadly, most of what I found was lacking the kind of pizzazz I crave.
I found plenty of information with twenty somethings teaching women’s health. Not that they are not qualified to teach about health, but I wanted to find someone who has “been there, done that,” as far as what an older woman goes through with her health.
I thought I would have to resign to the fact that there weren’t any tried and true experts for older women, who they themselves are older.
That is until I came across one expert who is 62, looks and acts like she’s in her forties and has a wealth of knowledge for older women who want to regain their health or take it up a few dozen notches.
I used specific phrases such as:
• Women’s health over sixty
• Women’s nutrition over sixty
• Women’s exercise over sixty
This expert continually showed up in my searches. Intrigued by her message, I searched out as much information as I could find on her. Here’s what I found.
• She has several videos on YouTube. I watched each one. The only investment was my time.
• She has several articles on her blog. I read several of them. Another investment of time only.
• She has testimonials from happy clients. I read each one and trusted her more as a result. Time only.
• She has written a book. I bought it. $20.
• She has a low-priced offer on her website. I bought it based on the previous steps I mentioned. $67 investment.
• She has a higher-end boot camp. Based on the other information I purchased and read there is a very strong possibility I will invest in the program. $900 investment.
• One-on-one coaching. I have no idea what the investment is, but if her material continues to WOW! me, chances are I will consider this step.
Had this expert not had the visible presence she does, nor a few low-priced offers, I likely would not have invested any money.
I needed a minimal risk point of entry. She offered this. I accepted.
As I move forward with her information, it will be essential for her to keep in touch in order for me not to forget about her. I daresay she will do a stellar job of keeping in touch. All signs indicate this to be the case.
As you read the process she took me, a new customer, through, think about the process you have in place. Chances are, your process could use some streamlining. Consider this...
• Do you have a way for someone to get on your subscriber list?
• Do you have articles, blog posts, videos and other content readily available for interested consumers?
• Have you positioned your expert status so you are “top of the mind” when it comes to your area of expertise?
• Do you have a low-risk point of entry for someone to invest money with you?
• Is there a next logical step for the buyer?
If you didn’t answer yes to each of these questions, isn’t it time for you to get really serious about what you are doing online? Until you do, you will continue to leave untold amounts of money on the table.
Is it possible to make a six and seven figure income online? Absolutely! But to do so, you absolutely must put a plan in place and work that plan.

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