In 2021, when people think of growth they think of salesforce. This is because Salesforce has been creating millions of jobs across the world and improving their work environment every day. Hence every person working as a salesforce professional has immense job satisfaction and a sterling salary.

Now to get registered yourself as a salesforce professional, the first thing you need is salesforce training. Salesforce training will teach you how you can pass a Salesforce certification exam comfortably. Besides this, when you educate yourself about salesforce through salesforce training, you come across the three most important salesforce certifications which are known admin certifications, salesforce platform app builder certification, and salesforce consultant certification.

1. Salesforce admin certification
Salesforce admin certifications are broken down into two parts one is known as advance administrator and the other is known as the certified administrator. To get a certified administrator certification, you need to develop your skills based on salesforce features and know every detail of the configuration.

On the other hand for advanced administrators, you need problem-solving skills. By this, we mean that if you face any challenge while using the salesforce platform, then being a salesforce individual, you should how to solve a client’s problem in the salesforce platform.
To get prepared for the administrator exam, you need to keep certain things in mind. We have developed a list of 5 things that you must remember, while you are applying for admin certification. The three useful tips are shared below

Before you get to start preparing for the salesforce admin certification course, you first need to reach how much time you will be allowed for the exam, the number of exams that you will face, and the amount of money that you need for the exam. To pass the exam, you will be allowed a time of 105 minutes and you need to pay 200 dollars


Salesforce gives you the privilege to set a date for your exam. Setting an exam time beforehand will help you a lot. Now you have a goal that you need to assess and a particular date. Thus you can mark the calendar on that basis

Get help

This practically means that you need to get salesforce training from institutes that help you crack the salesforce exam at once. These institutes have professionals who are well versed with salesforce; they prepare practical projects and provide you mock tests so that you are always ahead of the game. So don’t be shy to seek help from well-known institutes that provide salesforce training

Salesforce app builder certification

To get this certification, you need to be well versed about the applications that can be integrated with salesforce and also about the salesforce apps that can be created in the platform. Now you will also be responsible for creating hybrid applications according to the needs of the clients. So get in touch with a salesforce training institute that will help you know about the various applications that can be used in salesforce

Salesforce consultant certification

Consultant salesforce certification mainly deals with the salesforce ecosystem. To clear this exam you should know how you can create product campaigns that salesforce clients want to show their customers. You will responsible for managing and designing their website through the salesforce platform.
Why you should immediately get a certification

When people think of the CRM revolution, they think of salesforce. Earlier people had no way in which they could control their CRM operations that could be handled remotely via phone. With the help of salesforce, things changed drastically. Salesforce came up with a mobile application known as the Salesforce mobile app.

Now how this salesforce mobile app does stand out from the rest of the salesforce rivals present there. Well to be honest, salesforce competitors did not manage to create a seamless application for mobile phones.

Even if they did, you need to pay a heavy amount on purchasing them. In the case, of the salesforce mobile application, the application free. All you need to do, download it from the app store or Google and it’s available to operate on an almost instant basis

After-effects of salesforce certification
Once you get hold of salesforce certifications, the amount of job opportunities that you are going to get is unmatchable. Currently, most of the fortune companies use salesforce and coastally need a salesforce individual to manage the organization platform, when they are integrated with salesforce.

According to Forbes, an average working salesforce professional makes 8 percent higher income than the people who are not associated with salesforce. Furthermore, they have also stated that salesforce working employers are immensely satisfied since they get to learn a new technology every day and the entire office acts like a unit.

When all the companies called their employees back from their homes after the pandemic slowed down. Salesforce did the impossible. Salesforce instructed their employees to come to the office only for a day or three. This means they need to be present when their team collaborations and meetings the rest of the time they can stay at home and manage work
Predictions of salesforce that came true

1. Salesforce predicted that work from home will be the new normal and it came to be true. Also, salesforce stated that digitization will be maximized and people will eventually learn how to use the digital age for communication. They predicted growth in online teaching and video teleconferencing apps which came to be true.

2. There will no longer live events with 200 to 300 people. Of course, live events will be there when the pandemic is lifted but won’t have such gatherings. The office events will be restricted to 20 to 40 people. This also comes into effect.

3. Things will be appointment driven

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The pandemic has shown us how to be appointment-driven, People now schedule doctors' appoints digitally, rather than visiting the chamber and then scheduling for the appointment. On the other hand, we have seen amassment parks, zoos, retail and banks.