Hello! my name is Biancia Tate and I am the Founder of The Hope Network whose mission is to provide spiritual support, hope and healing to survivors of trauma and/or crisis. We rebuild faith, restore confidence and renew hope in Jesus Christ after trauma and/or crisis. To be able to fulfill this mission, I have found I have to be an Optimistic Visionary which is a person who can be optimistic in all situations and in all circumstances in which they find themselves. How is this possible, lets say, if a person has just lost everything they have in a major storm or because of a catastrophic illness? This is possible for this person has an intimate, personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ who was and is an Optimistic Visionary. Jesus, like myself,was someone who was future oriented to be presently motivated to grow through what He went through. He knew who He was, why He was and what He was sent to do for, He was listening and obeying His Father, who was God, who was the voice of wisdom and truth. When Jesus did what His Father told Him to do, He saw the blind see, the deaf hear, and the oppressed set free for, God's wisdom also released God's power which brought deliverance, healing and restoration to those to whom He spoke and touched. So, with this kind of success record, we could see why Jesus was an Optimistic Visionary. Yet, HE remained this way all the way up to the cross for, He knew His Father's plans and purposes never failed. Jesus had confidence in His Father and that gave Him confidence in Himself for, He knew He was a winner for, HE was walking with perfect love which never fails. So, if you are struggling to overcome that which has overcome you and you feel defeated, discouraged and depressed, then, do as Jesus did and, learn to hear God's voice and gain His wisdom and do what He tells you to do about your circumstances. Then, watch the miracles happen in your life then, you too, will become an Optimistic Visionary.

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My name is Biancia Tate and, I am married to John Tate who is a traumatic brain injury survivor. We both live in Lynchburg Virginia and we have both been chosen by God to do an extraordinary work with Him in the earth that requires us to be Optimistic Visionaries.