Over almost three decades of the existence of my vocal school, I had in my possession, estimated, close to 20 000 students to date, and that not to count numerous workshops and seminars I've conducted around the world.

My "claim to fame" for all these years has been: Beginner to pro-singer in a matter of (ten or less) hours, and not months or years. Therefore, the turnover of my clientele (singers and speakers) was quite high and still is. Many people over the years were commenting that I was working myself out of my business, by producing very fast and very good results with respect of my singing and speaking clients' voices.

However, the "quick fix", (not always preferred by my choice) so to speak, was not necessarily sufficient enough as it could have been, opposed to when the singer or a speaker for that matter, would give me and themselves more quality time than just for example only ten hours of instruction. Nevertheless, for some people, who truly just needed a good, sufficient and safe vocal technique, the ten hours of my instruction were more than adequate.

Those were usually fairly young singers who were for several years singing with their bands or doing their solos accompanying themselves on guitars or keyboards.
They truly were missing just the technical aspect of singing and not much else. Everybody, however, is different. Some people release their habits and accept the new modality of certain behaviour much faster than others. For those who are a little bit slower, the much more thorough "intervention" is required, and not only on a vocal level, but on a level of their whole being.

The voice is the reflection of one's state of being and it's also an identification of who they actually are on a human level. Some people come with their emotional baggage and in a manner of speaking, closed heart and soul. Yes, of course, in a short order, I can instill into them the basics of the Vocal Science technique.

And it will work on the surface and will produce quite a good singer or speaker.But there are a lot of good singers, but not too many exceptional singers.

To produce an exceptional vocalist, I need to get into one's psyche and on every level-mental, physical, emotional, psychological and of course, vocal. Once, I, so to speak, "Connect" with the exceptional singer to be, everything, figuratively speaking, will "lie in my hand". The development begins with an identification of the life components which the person consists of.

Sometimes I have to go as deep as the childhood, and then selectively, I have to start throwing out the negative parts of the whole life existence of twenty-five, thirty years of age...

Once the heart and soul is in the process of opening, a lot of good and bad would come out on the surface. The selection process then prevails. Both my client and I begin to dissect their human content and select the needed and positive pieces, while concurrently trying to get rid of the negative and useless parts of one's previous and present life. This is a very tedious and quite long process, especially if the artist to be, possesses a lot of life experience, which is not contributing to the prosperity of his/her vocal development and life development and structure in general.

Even though that this process is much longer than just a quick fix, but it still doesn't take years, and when the weed, so to speak, is eliminated, the vocal performer will be transformed into an extraordinary artist, as his "human computer" will be cleared out from all the viruses and in a manner of speaking, broken links and unwanted and not needed old pages.

He will start as a clean slate with the perfect Vocal Science software instilled into now his perfect and strong hardware. He will also be well advised to which "button" to press for that desirable "print out", first with my guidance and help and then on his/her own. The substance of that performance will be much, much greater, as we got down to the absolute "metrics" of one's being, and now, coupled with the perfect and safe vocal technique, it could never fail, but rather, on the contrary, it has the potential to reach the ABSOLUTE HEIGHTS, vocally and otherwise.

Author's Bio: 

Diana Yampolsky is the one of the world's foremost specialists on the topic of the human voice and is the creator of Vocal Science, a unique and truly revolutionary accelerated vocal development technique that is trademarked with the government of Canada. It is a holistic and scientific approach to voice mechanics that enables all singers to reach their full potential in an extremely short period of time. Proven results are guaranteed in 10 hours for beginners and even less for semi-professionals and professionals.