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The Little Red Book* was the original book for doing the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. It was endorsed by Dr Bob as a companion to The Big Red Book, better known today as The Big Book which was written by Bill W. The little Red Book is a, simple and straight forward outline for reference and study of the mechanics of the twelve steps.
The Big Book has helped millions of people find recovery from Alcoholism, yet it is general in its ability to guide the alcoholic through the 12 steps. From 1939 when the twelve steps were written to 1946 when the original 12 step guide book was introduced, many groups developed and distributed pamphlets for doing the steps. The best literature that were created and circulated amongst the groups became the foundation for The Little Red book. It was on this solid foundation that the early AA members stood to discover a way out of their addiction. It is our assertion that members who are working the program will find that the little Red Book will help them to enhance their program.
This elegantly simple workbook has helped many find recovery and maintain sobriety. The Little Red Book has not been matched by any other 12 step guide book in its ability to simplify the twelve steps which helps people recover from their addiction and maintain their sobriety. This book was offered by A.A. in New York as it’s official 12 step guide book as a companion to the Big Book. Although this Twelve Step guide was written specifically for alcoholics, it serves as an excellent guide for any 12 step program such as AL Annon and Alateen. It is an actual program for living that can, and should be used in every aspect of a person’s life. It is a tool that can be used by anyone on a spiritual path.
*The Original 12 step book was affectionately called The Little Red Book by Dr Bob’s group. In its first four printings, the book was given the short title of The Twelve Steps. It was seen as a necessary companion to the Big Red Book. It however lost its connection when The Alcoholics Anonymous Book cover was changed to Blue with the printing of the 2nd edition in 1955

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• University of Bridgeport -- BS Marketing
• Post graduate courses at NYU
• Countless self study courses in health, religion, spirituality, self help, and personal growth.
• Attended motivational and spiritual workshops from Tony Robbins, , Werner Erhard, Justin Sterling, Zig Zigler, Wayne Dyer, M. Scott Peck, Deepak Chopra Carolyn Myss, Barbra Brennan, and others
• Training seminars The Sedona method, the Silva method, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Dale Carnegie‘s basic and leadership courses.—
• Health and healing workshops -The Way to health at The Kushi Institute (Macrobiotic cooking method), Living lite (raw food course with meal preparation) Perfect Health at The Chopra Center (included Ayurvedic food preparation)
• Completed numerous readings and listening to audio tapes of programs from people such as Dennis Waitley, Norman Vincent Peale, Steve Covey, Thich Nhat Hanh, John Gray, Brian Tracy, Sam Shoemaker, And Og Mandino, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Scott Peck, Werner Erhard, Emmet Fox, and others

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• Certified Catholic Minister of the word having completed the two year Daystar Program, concluded in a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
• Founded, operated, sold, and then retired from a corporation in the computer sales and service, which employed 38 people in inner city.
1) Winner of highest award for achievement at the Dale Carnegie courses.
2) Conducted as retreat leader religion/spiritual 12 step orientation weekends.
3) Recipient of the Governor’s Award for Connecticut inner city Entrepreneurship.
• Upon Retirement, founded Healing-Habits a firm dedicated to helping people through the written and spoken word.
• Published and/or written 25 books in the genres of inspiration, motivation, spirituality, health, and religion
• A regular contributor to the AuthorsDen, under the Pen name Tuchy Palmieri consisting of Short stories, poetry and articles.
• Workshop leader on Goal setting/achievement, relationships, effective listening and relationships
• 40 years experience leading discussion meetings, seminars and workshops
• Mentored, ministered and sponsored numerous cross addicted people in recovery.
• Featured in a number of magazines, newspapers, and talk shows
• A regular participant in the Author’s roundtable in Borders, and a guest on numerous spiritual and talk radio programs

• 26 years as a leader and member of the local Sterling Institute of Relationship men’s team
• 25 years in 12 step programs related to relationships, food addictions, & substance abuse
• Annual participant in Matt Talbot and/or religious retreats at Holy Family Retreat house
• SIA - Self Improvement Association
• Member of the Better Business Bureau