You know you’re not trying very hard unless you experience the bad times during your journey. The bad times are there to help you grow and make you better than you currently are. They are what you learn from the most and what will adjust your beliefs and behaviors.

That’s why I don’t believe, when a guy is saying women never reject them, or when they have never failed in anything. That’s a load of horseshit.

Anyone who is successful in anything has faced the bad times and made mistakes. They’ve learned from these mistakes. This is what allows them to be where they are now, and experiences the success they’ve worked for.

However, I meet guys that say stuff like this, over and over again. “I don’t get rejected by a girl bro”.

The truth is, you’re probably not pushing your interactions far enough, or you’re too scared to see how far you can go with it.

If you go out and keep pushing your limits, your comfort zones, you will get rejected.


Because when you do something out of your comfort zone, things that you are not used to do, things you have no experience in handling, will make you prone to mistakes.

So what about the times, when you keep pushing (or you think you do) and you see no results? How do you keep going, when all you are met with are failures and frustration?

It really comes down to one question. How bad do you want it?

Because if you want it bad enough, you have no choice, it’s do or die. If you don’t have this mentality, then you’ll probably be one of those who give up, when they don’t see the results they want, quickly enough.

I’ve gone month with no results at time. But I keep going. I know it’s just a phase, and I just need to stick to the basics, and the results will come. Because I don’t have anything else to do, it’s either getting this handled or suck the rest of my life. There is no choice but to do it.

So it’s a mentality you must adopt, since it’s what will guide you through those hard times, when nothing is going your way. Its times like these that make you appreciate the successes you get, so much more.

Before I go, I like to point out that if you are not seeing results for a while. I bet you 90% of time; it’s something you can correct, by going back to the basics. It’s all about the basics. Get back to them. Make sure you got them handled; you may think you do, but experience tells me otherwise.

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