The Path To The Gazebo

Have total trust in yourself with a strong, courageous faith. After all, we must all live life just one day at a time. Sure we can reminisce and plan as we like, yet its still all about today! Keeping it simply will help you enjoy the process.

Our life takes shape with each moment as it occurs. Each and every moment moves us closer toward the gracious gazebo! Just listen to that inner voice as it reliably leads the way. The inherent symbolism of the gazebo is expressed as serenity and transcendence, with an innocence of power, that truly rejuvenates the soul!

From time to time, its good to leisurely make stops so you may appreciate all of the splendor of what you see. Enjoy this precious time as intended rest intervals to replenish and recharge yourself, as you continue along your travels. Take much care, as this is your path alone to discover and explore its many mysteries.

Embrace your path with the absolute willingness to know that all of the necessary signs will naturally emerge. Be patient, perceptive, and always stay aware. You are sure to find unique treasures when you least expect, that will gently brighten your day. The pebbles and incredible rocks are meant for touching and reflecting. The ease of nature’s way imparts such timeless wisdom, so realize that each rock or pebble may possess truth that is meant just for you. You may want to bend down, feel them and pick some up. Give yourself permission to lose track of time, as you hold them in your hands awhile. You will come back to here and now just when you are ready.

Nature’s amazing gifts teach with modesty yet with grand perspective. This is exactly what is needed when we are ready to change! To nurture, adapt and develop intuition are necessary facets that help us easily embrace the cycles of change. These divine dimensions are all a part of the journey that guides us along an intriguing path…. toward the gazebo.

So, how might you know that you are near the gazebo? What might you feel? Perhaps, you may feel pure goodness, a freshness of air, or a spark of delight that brings you closer toward it. Allow your heart to open the whole entire way. Then always Follow Your Heart!

With a gaze from a distance, the view of the gazebo is exquisite, beautiful, and so picturesque! There’s a promise of magical mystery for all to discover. It allures you into your own sacred space as you gradually approach it, so you may align with and feel your Sparkling Soul. Then once you have entered, the open outlook will refresh your stay, whether it be for just a moment, an hour or as long as you feel. The most important thing is that you cherish your space to reconnect with your full essence. You are truly yourself, one of a kind. Feel your truth that grounds you on earth and grows ever so strong through the seasons of change.

When inside, breathe in the spectacular moment! You may want to choose a color, then imagine this color infusing its positive energy inside the gazebo. This moment becomes a meaningful memory, one day soon, as it is gone forever.

Interestingly, the gazebo possesses raw forces of truth that somehow seem beyond all grasp! An immensity of truth surrounds your being, along with your own evolving truth, which actually are all one.

These forces from Source ring true…. and do come in many ways. The force of truth is all encompassing, so much bigger than one may possibly imagine. So, standing with yourself, feel your center that has always been yours, that has taken you to where you are today, and will take you further into your tomorrows. Take this moment to merge into the greater truth so that it may amplify your own. Trust in this heartfelt energy to move you as is necessary for you. Release old hurt and wounds, disappointment and anger and trust that you are already healing. You are ready to start anew! The gazebo has shifted your energy!

As you sink deeper into your heart, you are truth. It resonates from nature’s earth, from melodious music, poignant emotions, life experience and from all of our lifetime relationships. Your heart knows and loves to share this. Let it speak to you now. Pause, so you may be fully present and that you may…… clearly hear what it has to say. For today, the gazebo is your symbol of reflection. Reflect now with earnest prayer, meditation and allow peace to fill your soul.

As you continue on, you may want to ask yourself what you'll need to take when you are ready to leave? You are your own perspective, a pure knowing! Find your own inner wisdom, strength, inspiration and self-love so that you may create an abundant, meaningful and happy life.

Once you are feeling renewed, know that you may return to the Gazebo as often as you like. You can travel there in several ways. The choice is yours. Take a walk, a ride or just close your eyes and feel its divine protection. Make yourself a priority! Make time to relax within your own divine dimensions.

Know that the divine energy inside the gazebo is always yours to express in daily life!

Author's Bio: 

Moreen is a heart centered Mind –Body- Spirit practitioner. She is author of Divine Dimensions: Expressions in Daily Life (copyright 2014) available at www.Barnes and, and
Additionally she is also co-author in three international, anthology publications through The Professional Woman Network.

As a Licensed NJ Social Worker, Life Purpose Coach and Reiki practitioner, she helps others explore and integrate latent aspects of themselves so they may reach their full potential and create a more fulfilling life.

She is mother of two and resides in central NJ.

She is available for free-lance writing projects.
You may contact her at 732-754-8681 or via Linked In