It's a daily occurrence and yet you may not even know it's happening.

Hesitation is a pause. A doubt. A question.

Is it fear or your Inner Guidance speaking? If you pay attention to that gut feeling of hesitancy, you'll gain clarity on which action steps to take to be a happy, wealthy business owner.

I asked someone yesterday (a very wise someone) what was the best outcome she could imagine happening as a result of some personal work she was doing. She spit out a really juicy intention… and then paused.

Ah. I sensed she didn't whole-heartedly believe that outcome could be hers. Her hesitation was a clue that some inner work needed to be done before she moved forward.

I've felt that pause before and didn't listen. I regretted it instantly.

A potential client asked if I would coach him outside of my normal working hours. I needed the money, so I said yes.

I grabbed the money and resented those calls. The client didn't last long.

Hesitation is usually a sign that you're not ready to jump in with both feet.

Be all in. Go balls out. Crush it.

Maybe you need more information. Maybe it's not a perfect fit and you need to tweak part of the offer. Or request a change to better fit your needs. Maybe the deal is totally bogus.

But if you can't be fully in it to win, intentionally pause.

What would make you say HELL YES and then back it up with passion, commitment and inspired action?

Maybe the deal, the offer or the layout looks good on paper but you can't get yourself to take action. Every day you see this project on your to-do list and you do everything but.

Does that mean you're lazy? Weak? A loser?


It could mean that you've made up a story that it'll be hard, won't work out, or you'll suffer some way. It could also mean that the timing isn't quite right.

Procrastination is just a longer form of hesitation. Check in with your heart to see the real reason you've put it off. Then make a decision to move forward powerfully or put it on hold until it feels right.

Trust your own guidance system even when it feels like you're being a scaredy-cat. Those pauses are telling you that something isn't right. And until you feel 100% about it, don't take action. The pause is telling you something important.


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