When it comes to my journey of self-awareness, there are some people who stand out when I look back on where I have come from, and one of those people is Vijay Rana.

This is someone who is based in England and he is a healer/therapist.

Emotional Build-up

Towards the end of 2014, I was looking for someone who would be able to assist me, and this was because I had an emotional build-up that needed to be released. Up until this point, I had let go of a lot of emotional baggage, but I still felt as though I was stuck.

After looking for information on the internet, I came across someone called Vijay Rana. This was someone who offered a number of different therapies, and in his write-up he talked about his own experience of working through grief.


This stood out for me because this was a time when I was working through my own grief, among other emotions, and after reading about his experience, I sensed that this was someone who could assist me. There was the grief that I hadn’t worked through after the loss of my father, and there was also grief that was the result of the other losses in my life that I hadn’t mourned.

Once I had worked with Vijay for the first time, I felt lighter, and I could see that this was someone who would have positive influence on my life. I was able to let go in his presence because I felt safe and due to the empathy that he displayed.

As Time Passed

As I continued to work with him, I came to see that he understood what I was going through (and what I had gone through), and this was something I greatly appreciated. I was amazed that I had found someone like this who I could talk to.

I realised that I wasn’t drawn to Vijay just because he had worked with grief; there were other reasons. Yet, as time passed, I gradually started to see why I believed that this was someone who could assist me.

Emotional Containment

It was during this time that I started to develop the ability to contain my emotions, and this was something that took place through letting go of the emotional build-up within me and through being affirmed. By facing my emotions in his presence, I started to become more emotionally resilient, and as a result of this, it was easier for me to face how I felt when I was by myself.

These were emotions that had been trapped within me for many years, and this meant that it wasn’t easy for me to work through them. However, I knew that I had to face them, and along with Vijay’s support, I kept going.

Crying Out the Pain

After I had developed my emotional strength to a certain level, I was able to cry out the pain within me. While I had cried before, it wasn’t something that I always felt comfortable with, and it was only after working with Vijay that I felt strong enough to surrender to how I felt.

In the past, I would have cried on certain occasions or done everything I could to stop myself, for instance; but now I was in a position where I no longer needed to avoid how I felt. On one side I felt stronger, and on the other side, I knew that I no longer needed to abandon myself.


As I become more emotionally integrated, I wanted to be around people who were also in touch with their emotions. I didn’t want to have to hide my true-self and to put on an act around the people I was closest to.

This meant that while there were relationships that came to an end; new relationships were formed. It also meant that existing relationships grew stronger and started to become even more fulfilling.

The Defining Factor

If it wasn’t for the support that Vijay showed, I wouldn’t have felt safe enough to embrace my emotions. Instead, I would have continued to play a role and to hide my true-self in the process.

It was through his attunement that I came to see that I didn’t need to be ashamed of how I felt, and that it was safe for me to express my emotions. Through his presence, I was able to develop a new relationship with my emotions.


This also meant that I had a lot more to write about, and even though I had a basic understanding of emotions before all this took place, it was nothing like the understanding that I soon developed. So not only did my life improve, I was also able to give more to the world.


I will never forget about the impact that Vijay has had on my life, and I am extremely grateful for coming into contact with him. If you would like to find about more about Vijay Rana, please go to - http://www.khironhouse.com/people/

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