Business promoters and marketers often develop cold feet at the very prospect of spending a lot of money to print brochures. Cheap brochure printing eases the anxiousness as not a lot of money is spent on the task also known to yield similar results as printing expensive business brochures. Popular Printing Services London Agencies have suggested a few tips small time marketers can follow to print their own brochures to avoid incurring huge costs that come with hiring external firms to get the job done.

Begin by setting up the right format in your word processor where the first step is to set the page to the landscape mode so that it lies to its side because of which the width becomes the height and the height becomes the width. Then Press OK.

The next step suggested by Printing Services London Agencies is to add 3 columns by formatting the page which helps create a tri-fold brochure setup. All one needs to do is type in some random text and subsequently highlight it after which one clicks on the “Format” menu and then on the “Columns’ option. This immediately takes you to the dialog window with a lot of column options. Click on the 3 “Columns item and then click “OK”.

Ensure the columns fall where the folds for the brochure page are. There are 2 main pages the “cover” page and the “inner” page and the former lies on the front of the brochure at the right most column with the latter being pretty straightforward. Keep your most attractive images for the brochure cover. It is wise to keep the images light with high contrast so that they can be printed in black and white to save more on printing. It is important to add contact details on this page as well.

Start writing your inner panels which contain the “meat” in your content. The text takes precedence here and you can also experiment by adding some images if you like doing so. Mention subheadings so that people get to read the information they seek quickly.

Begin cheap brochure printing by printing the cover page first on a standard letter sized paper after which flip the resulting printout so that the blank side faces the printing size. After this print the inner page and keep orientation in mind though as you place the paper so that the top part of the cover page corresponds with the top part of the inner page. Instead of using your printer to print page after page use the local photocopy service and ask for double sided photocopies of your brochure prints.

This will help you print your brochure at a lesser cost than what you would have had to incur had you hired a Printing Services London Agency for the job.

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