Having a great sales script, an aggressive and talented sales team and a fantastic product or service isn’t always enough when you are making cold calls. Let’s face it; a cold call is just about the most difficult sales tactic in the book, getting the right pitch can make all of the difference. Pitch is all about the tone you are selling in. If you are in the telemarketing business you understand it’s more than the words you are saying, it is the way you are saying them, and people on the other side of the line are picking up on every nuance of your speech, so it’s vital you have it down to a science.

Should a Script be Word for Word?
Some people will tell you a sales script absolutely should be word for word, this is especially true with things like surveys as opposed to selling something, where the personal feelings of the individual speaking should in no way influence what respondents are replying with on the other end. Not so much for sales. For sales there is a very potent human aspect, and often as you’ve likely heard, a good sales person is selling themselves nearly as much, or sometimes even more so than the actual product.

A good script will practically roll off of most sales people’s tongue word for word, but not everyone is the same so if you or other sales associates simply don’t feel natural with the exact wording, see if there is a way to make it feel more natural and measure the results. If sales are better, go with it. Making the sale is the most important aspect.

Whether each and every salesperson is doing the pitch line for line, or improvising according to their own style, make sure you and everyone selling knows the script inside and out. They should be able to recite it in their sleep even if a word or two is changed to help them some natural and enthusiastic during the sale.

Keep the Audience in Mind
Scripts written specifically to appeal to the widest possible range of your target consumer. With that in mind keep changes to a minimum. You do not know who the person you are about to speak to on the other end of the phone is, a good script is always playing the odds. Chances are the tone it is written in is the tone that will attract the highest percent of your target.

Be Concise
Getting a perfect stranger to stay on the phone with you any amount of time is a monumental task in itself. Not getting to the point quickly isn’t just wasting their time, it’s wasting yours. How many more calls could you make in a day if your pitch were, say 10 seconds shorter? How many more sales does that mean at the end of the day? Balance the “selling” of your pitch with time concerns and see if your current pitch is too long.

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