Wow, what a great weekend. Pam and I went to the 4 Day MBA program in Austin, Texas, taught by Keith Cunningham. We took our CFO, Amanda, and spent four intensive 10 hour days learning how to make our business more profitable. At least that is what Kieth would have you believe the course is about when you sign up.

Keith wants you to think that you are coming to learn how to make your business more successful and to understand the numbers, but the secret is in what he doesn't tell you. What we were not prepared for was that he not only helps you improve your business, but he also helps you to change your life.

You see, Keith is one of those guys who is after never ending improvement. He is truly trying to be better every day and to do the very best he can for his students. That is a rare trait, and because of that, his teaching is phenomenal, very personal, and loaded with unbelievable information. In fact, almost every sentence is a pearl. As expected, his pearls apply to business, but the pleasant surprise is how well they also apply to the rest of your life. It was awe inspiring.

I like Keith. He is a man's man, and while pretending to be hardcore on the outside, he is really a teddy bear on the inside (hmmmmm, that sounds familiar). The content of the course was top notch, but what makes it so amazing is the heart and soul that Keith and his amazing wife, Sandi, put into it. We thank them from the heart, and if you are a business owner, or have anything to do with business finances or operations, we would highly recommend you attend their courses.

One of the things Keith shared with us was something he learned years ago that we can all take to heart. It goes right along with our philosophy of Living Every Minute. He said, "Hell would be meeting the man (or woman) you could have been."

Now that is something we should tattoo to our foreheads! Can you imagine that? You live your ordinary, average, plain life, in zombie mode - trudging through a mediocre life just like everyone else. One day, 10 years from now, you are at a party, and you are literally introduced to the person you could have been. The person you could have been if . . .

. . .if you had read that book that changed your life.

. . .if you had deepened that relationship with your wife or husband to the deepest level.

. . .if you had built that business you said you would but never did.

. . .if you had repaired that relationship instead of letting it go.

. . .if you had decided to take control of your health, get in shape, and become a physical Adonis.

. . .if you had decided to take control of your financial freedom.

. . .if you had taken that trip.

What an interesting conversation that would be! What would it be like? What would the person you could have been look like? What would you talk like? Who would you know? Where would you live? What would your intimate relationship be like? How about your career -where would that be for the person you could have been?

That question, that concept, that idea, certainly made me think. I never want to meet that person; I never want to wish I had become more than I did. I want to become that person. I want to be the person I could have been. I am committed to it, and if you are a reader of this newsletter, you are too. You are one of the five percent that refuses to live a life of mediocrity. Congratulations on that.

Now, take 5 minutes, get out a piece of paper, and define what that person would look like. Specify who you could be if you were playing at the top of your game. Take each of the four pillars (health, wealth, relationships, and character development) and decide the person you can become.

Ok, time to commit to make that happen. Write down what you can do right now to start down the path. What five things could you do this week to get you closer? Before you close this e-mail, do one thing in one area to start becoming the person you "could have been". It is my challenge, and it is yours, to become the best person we can become, and to continue to Live Every Minute.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Tim Reynolds founded Living Every Minute in 2009 to allow him to share his passion for finding success in every minute with others. He dedicates countless hours each week to helping other people change their lives through mentoring, life building, giving inspirational talks and writing for his free weekly newsletter.

Life wasn't always the picture of perfection it is now for Dr. Tim. In fact, he was the first member of his family to graduate high school. He joined the military shortly after graduation, where he graduated from the Special Forces Q-course in July of 1982. He served as a Green Beret medic on an A-Team, as the Battalion medic and eventually as a Special Forces Battalion Surgeon for the 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne). He served both enlisted and as an officer for 17 years.

After getting out of the military, Dr. Tim decided he wanted to go to college to be a doctor. His guidance counselor told him he was too old. He would be 32 before he finished his degree. He told her, "I'm going to be 32 either way." He went on to graduate college with honors.

It was his passion for helping people that inspired him to become a medical doctor, and in 1993 he graduated Summa Cum Laude with an MD degree from the University of Utah. He completed his Emergency Medicine residency at Texas A&M Scott and White in 1996 and is board certified in emergency medicine. He is the managing partner for HealthCARE Express, a group of urgent care clinics rapidly expanding across the United States.

Prior to starting HealthCARE Express in 2006, Dr. Tim held numerous positions across the medical field, including: medical director of the Wadley Regional Medical Center Emergency Department and level II trauma center; president of E-Med Services, LLP and of E-Med Billing Solutions, LLP; associate clinical professor for the Area Health Education Center at the University of Arkansas; and founding member of the Greater People’s Clinic of Texarkana Board of Directors.

In addition to his medical experience, Dr. Tim is also an entrepreneur and successful businessman. He is currently the chief executive officer of TL Reynolds Properties, LLP, a real estate investment company; and he is a managing partner of JJET Developments Ltd., a real estate development company.

Dr. Tim has served on numerous other committees and boards throughout both the medical and business communities and is published in various journals and publications. He is sought after as a presenter at many national conferences.

In his leisure time, Dr. Tim enjoys spending time on his Ranch in Atlanta, Texas, where he lives with his beautiful wife, Pam, and their five amazing children. He holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, is a SCUBA rescue diver, and a pilot. He also enjoys body building, golf, and hiking.

Dr. Tim is a world traveler, having visited over 40 countries on six of the seven continents. He is a firm believer in Living Every Minute of life and teaching others to do the same.

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