Between a healthy diet and regular exercise, the former is a lot easier to accomplish. People have plenty of reasons why they cannot effectively stick to an exercise schedule. Some might say that they are too busy to work out or they spend a lot of money and effort in working out at the gym, but the bottom line is that they just lack the motivation. Maybe if people really knew what exercise actually does to the human body then they might consider these physical benefits of exercise the motivation they need to sweat their calories off regularly.

Stronger Lungs, Better Oxygenation. The lungs are the organs responsible for taking in oxygen for the body to use. In exercise, you will train your lungs to function more efficiently, especially when under physical stress. When your lungs are in good shape, they simply function better and the oxygen level in your body improves. Also, when you have good oxygenation, you will be able to last longer in strenuous activities. This is the reason why people who have sedentary lifestyles tire easier compared to people who do regular exercise.

Stronger Heart, Better Circulation. It is a well-known fact that exercise makes the heart healthy. Not only does it use up your body's stored fats, it also enhances the functioning of your heart muscles. When you exercise regularly, especially in doing cardio exercises, your heart is made to pump stronger and your blood circulation improves. This would lead to a better supply of oxygen to the different organs in your body. Exercise also decreases the risk of having heart problems and heart attack.

Stronger Bones, Better Posture. The bones, including the skeletal muscles and joints in your body are also developed with regular exercise. Better bone structure will lead to a good posture because they can carry the weight of your body easier. This can also help you avoid developing osteoporosis when you grow old because regular exercise will make your bones denser. Another thing that you can experience if you have stronger bones and joints is the ease to carry or lift objects. This is mainly because of better leverage which is provided by your bones.

Just a reminder, these benefits are earned through consistent work. If you can't make exercising a habit then you may not feel these benefits to their full effect. If you can't find time or if it's too inconvenient for you to exercise at the gym then a good way to keep your exercise schedule is through getting your own home fitness equipment. That way, even if you have an odd schedule you can still workout at home and experience the benefits that exercise can bring to your body.

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