Have you ever eaten something and within minutes, you regret it? Maybe your stomach starts to gurgle. You might feel the onset of indigestion or heartburn or your head starts throbbing.

It’s not uncommon for people to experience these types of reactions and immediately pop a pill or drink the well-known pink liquid in order to fix the problem.

The newest trend is to take a pill or drink some concoction before you eat the very foods that are bound to cause you discomfort. Maybe it’s spicy foods that don’t agree with you. Or, it might be milk products. It could be sweets. Regardless, you know you are going to be very uncomfortable if you don’t “prepare” yourself with a prescription or an over the counter fix.

Ironically, what might be causing you discomfort is NOT causing friends and family, who are eating the very same foods, any type of discomfort at all. Yet, there may be food they react to in a negative way which you don’t.
The problem with taking a pill or liquid before or after you eat something that disagrees with you is this; you are masking the problem, not solving it.

So, even though you’ve temporarily fixed the pain and discomfort, you may be causing hidden damage that, over time, may be irreversible.

Your Subconscious Knows

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew ahead of time what foods you should avoid so you wouldn’t have to pop a pill or drink the little plastic cup of pink gunk?

And wouldn’t it be even more amazing if you actually paid attention to this, thereby eliminating any discomfort whatsoever from foods you might be tempted to eat?

The good news is, you can! When you tap into your subconscious mind, you will know what is great to consume and the very foods which you should avoid.

“But how can I do this?” is often the question I get from clients when I tell them they don’t have to experience food discomfort ever again.

Enter muscle testing

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to health and happiness. If you’d like some help in figuring out what works best for you – it’s called muscle testing. You’re a constantly evolving being, and the foods you needed last year might not be what you need this year, so why not test what’s good and right for you today.

Muscle testing is a simple process for tapping into your subconscious by letting your muscles tell you what is best for you and what foods to avoid.

I go deep into this topic during this podcast interview with Terri Levine. https://heartrepreneur.com/heartrepreneur-radio-episode-179-intuitive-ea...

I’ve made it my life’s work to educate people as to the hidden dangers of eating foods that your body is desperately trying to warn you against. The very foods that slow you down, increase your risk for disease, give you irritable bowels, and downright make you miserable.

Imagine if you were to honor your body and eat only those foods your body gives you a big YES! to. The foods that give you energy, balance your moods, keep you regular so you avoid any surprises at critical times during the day or night, and overall feel great.

You can, when you muscle test. To read more about muscle testing visit https://thefoodcodes.com/muscle-testing-foods/

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Lana Nelson is a Certified Emotion and Body Code consultant; Lana has developed one of the easiest techniques on the planet to help anyone discover what foods really are “good for you!”
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